Day 18

How Does Your Garden Grow 2012 Day 18

Watch out chipmunks, there is a new cat in town! Picked this up at the garden center, last week. My favorite kind of pet, LOL!

Click on the pictures for a larger one.

Hot pepper, pepper, tomato, two eggplants, basil ~ Radishes, onions, tomato (yellow?)

Old Elmer ~ Dill, Strawberries, Thyme and Black Simpson lettuce ~ Tomatillo flower

Cauliflower ~ Broccoli

Mint ~ Cherokee Cherry Tomato ~ Radishes

Zucchini and cucumbers ~ Gourmet Lettuce, Spinach, Arugula

Arugula ~ Radishes

Shallots, re-growth Shallots, Eggplants ~ Beets

Basils, some kind of small tomato ~ Globe Basil, Thyme, Sage

Celery re-grown, new Sage, last years Sage, re-grown Leeks ~ Chives, Parsley and Thyme

We’ve had painters hanging around , well, not really hanging around, they are actually painting the exterior of the cottage. Anyway, one of them told us he was so inspired by our deck garden, that he went home last weekend and planted one for himself. He asked all kinds of questions about what we planted. He also wanted to know what the celery was, LOL! Pretty cool feeling to think we inspired someone!

As for the cut end of the celery, I planted as an experiment, it has sprouted leaves! Beautiful colored, tightly growing, full of new energy leaves! I also planted a couple of leeks the same way, they have taken off, too. Actually, I couldn’t remember what they were until I remembered having made asparagus soup the week before! Good thing I blog what we eat, LOL! We’ll see if there is enough to harvest or not, the verdict is still out, on that.

And check out the volunteer strawberries that are still making their way up through the rocks at the edge of the deck.  Determined little boogers!

Not too shabby of a start!

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