How did you…

…continuous quilt Color Blocked, she asked.

Well, to explain, I first had to learn how to draw on a picture. Obviously, most bloggers know how to do this, but I wasn’t one of them. And although, graphic designer, daughter could have done it in about 2 seconds, she and her fancy programs aren’t here and I don’t have any programs! What I did learn was that on my Mac, in the preview pane, you can annotate, which is how I did this. There are probably better ways, but that’s all I had, or could figure out, anyway…

how do you draw on a photo mac

Starting in the center, I stitched in the ditch across the lime, to the right, down an inch then back and forth until I finished the cube. I marked off one inch lines to follow and used my walking foot. I then traced up, in the ditch the right hand side of that same lime/purple block and continued by filling that block, then when I got to the bottom right hand corner of it (block 2), I stitched over an inch and down an inch, then across the width of the turquoise and worked my way down…….. So there are places were I’ve stitched over a previous line, but only once and not more than an inch at a time.

When I got back to the center I moved on to a second quadrant, and on and on….

Does that help? Does that make sense, at all?

I sure hope so because I don’t think I could draw it again!

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4 Responses to How did you…

  1. KurtzCrafts says:

    Perfect sense! The drawing/pictures helps immensely!


  2. Minty says:

    Oh I’m so glad you answered this! I was going to ask you myself. I suspected this was the case, but confirmation is helpful. Love the quilt–so striking and yet so simple.


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