Another one bites the dust.

Anybody out there going to the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids??? This will be my first big time quilt show. I can’t believe the Paducah show is now the Grand Rapids show, well for the next three years, I’m told. You have until 3 o’clock today to pre-register and buy your tickets. I’m SO excited!!

The Honeycomb quilt is down to the center seam. I was waiting on a final measurement for the width and I’ve got it now. I picked up Kona Ash for the back. 8 yards. Jeesh, that’s a lot of fabric! I’ve chosen the batting, but I’ve yet to decide how to quilt it. Arrgg. I’d like to machine quilt it but it is SO big and I am SO inexperienced at it! It seems so much easier just to hand quilt it, I know how I’d do that… But I really like how Malka did hers. It almost looks like matelassé. And I just now realized I bought Quilters Dream request, not select. Pretty sure I don’t want request? Double Arrggg.

Malka Dubrawsky honeycomb quilt

I’m down to the last few hours of hand quilting the borders of my wall hanging. I decided to just crosshatch it all the way. I tend to mark as I go and was marking in the car and now my rulers have all gradually migrated to the house while I am back at the cottage…. So today I’m off to the grocery store to see if they have any to finish marking this baby. Otherwise I’ll have to find time to go the distance to the quilt shop : )

And I pulled this pretty stack of fabric for a quick project. I was surprised at how many limey greens I had. Many had been cut into, some were just waiting for brilliance to strike! This is possibly my earliest start to any Christmas project, at my house, ever!

I got this pretty little package in the mail this week.

If you paid attention, you’ll recognize it. You’ve seen it in the past, now it’s in the hands of the USPS for the new baby in the family. I hate having to mail packages and wait, and wait, and wait. Then worry whether or not they got it, like it, or even care about hand-made. Not this family, per se, but in general… That’s what you get with living so far away from family…

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9 Responses to Another one bites the dust.

  1. Lynette says:

    Wow! Love your hexagon quilt. That’s a lot of work. 🙂 Such pretty greens, too – and I recognize 2 or 3 in my own stash. 😀


  2. amorette says:

    i just finished a hexie quilt top myself and got it all basted- but i have no clue how i want to quilt it either! how did malka do hers? hand quilted?


  3. Amanda says:

    I’m going!! I recently moved back to West Michigan and was excited that I’d be able to go. Probably Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when I can get child care. I can’t wait!


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  5. April says:

    I’m going to the quilt show! Thanks for the blog comment–it helped me find YOUR blog. 🙂 I don’t know when I’m going but I am also scheming on entering a quilt in next year’s show. Better get working!


    • sewfrench says:

      Oh, April, I’lll be there to cheer you on, but boy just thinking of entering a quilt brings on an anxiety attack for me! Not exactly sure when I’m going either… Thinking about that Flash Mob on Wednesday… Wish it wasn’t so early, LOL!


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