Where I love to be….

I have been meaning to do this for years.  That’s how long I’ve been in this space.  When we bought this home 4 years ago, it had a beautiful, concrete shell of a space, destined to be mine.  We knew *this* was the house when *I* opened the double doors that led to this unfinished space.  It would be mine, all mine!!  Jump for joy, forget all those other houses we were considering and even the one we made an offer on (thank goodness it had inspection issues that allowed us to escape unscathed).  Remodeling was not something I was excited about, but neither was *he*, thank goodness!  So here we go!

Before.  What potential!  A studio with natural lighting!

Help arrives by the way of very talented carpenters.  We tell them what to do and they do it.  They are good!

We had done this before, so we had ideas, but this space was quite a bit bigger.  It is 30′ x 15′.  I believe my last space was 24′ x 12′, not too shabby either, similar, but different.  Peter had the walk-in closet idea, which I had never had before and which I adore!  It is designed and decked out for more storage than you can ever imagine.  All those UFOs, leftover scraps, things that have just not been taken care of, yet?!  Lots of projects in there.  I love to pull the pocket door closed and forget what is in there!  The single door at the far end leads up the stairs to the garage, so up and out for trash and easy down and in for supplies, no one else has to know about deliveries!  The double-doors lead to the family/game/theater/main downstairs area.

craft room

Same view, but we have now moved in. And yes that is Grandma Ellis’s Opryland U.S.A. yardstick on the table. And Ray, I use it daily. Isn’t its asymmetrical quality sweet?? Must be circa the 1970s.

craft room cutting table

I can not believe how this place cleans up!  A place for everything and everything in its place.  This table is huge, it’s 7′ x 5 1/2′ with a 1 foot cantilever on each end, if a person wanted to sit, they have plenty of knee room.  It is large enough to have mmm, 6 projects going at once?  But, I wouldn’t do that.  You know?  That would be way too cluttered and disorganized…. LOL! You see stools everywhere, but I am a stander, constantly kicking stools out of the way.  But, they do make great places to stack *stuff*.  The only time I sit in here, is when I am at a machine.  Standing burns more calories. You knew that, right?

my craft room cutting table storage

I am into gift wrapping, among other things, so lots of ribbon storage was needed.  Around the corner, under the table, is open shelving that stores all my gifts bags along with rolls and rolls of gift wrap.  The right side, of this table, is all drawers, (9), the left, (this side) is two drawer banks and a double-doored cabinet for larger items.

sewing space storage

Lots of project storage in the closet. That door only gets pulled at Christmas when there are snooping eyes in the house.

craft room storage cabinets

Batting, fabrics, thread and papers. Pretty organized, just a lot of it…  Thank goodness the double deep stacking and to the floor shelving isn’t visible…..

craft room storage

Photos, scrapbooking, books, Cricut machine and more paper. And paint and paint supplies, lots of supplies…..

sewing space layout

You can’t see the number of light banks here, but it is key to the success of this room. These photos were all taken under the light of the room, after dark, no flash. The color is pretty darn accurate, so very important in a studio space.

sewing room

One of my favorite places in all the world…. It look so nice and clean it makes me want to pull up a chair and get back to work!

natural lighting

and my view for most of the year… Isn’t it gorgeous out there?

Considering I started out sewing for the public, which allowed me to be a stay at home mom and professional volunteer, all the while sewing at the kitchen table, picking up then putting away, to cook dinner for five, to this space still awes me. I am grateful.

Thank you, Sue, my fabric pusher, for pushing me to get this job done…  Now on to the next one.

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39 Responses to Where I love to be….

  1. Jenn Harpole says:

    Positively Yummy Lori!


  2. I’ve never seen your studio so clean 😉 It looks magnificent! I especially love the painting on the wall, hehe. I also love the view outside with the big glass button and ribbon jars.


    • sewfrench says:

      I did some detail photography, for upcoming posts, on the things you mentioned, so SHHHH…. And you don’t have to tell people this is anything out of the ordinary…….. That’s our secret. ♥


  3. Lisa says:



  4. Lori, I love it, it’s amazing, and, well, it’s clean! Bravo on all counts! 450 sf, huh? I think that’s just the size I need in my new house. =)


    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Sue! Cleaning is not my strong suit. This was painful. You saw the before…….
      Thank you for being such a pusher, too. It’s nice when addicts have pushers they like……
      For me, 30 feet seemed too long, for a very long time. I was used to being able to single kick my rolling chair to the ironing board or cutting table. This takes two kicks, I am adjusting, though….. It does allow me room to lay out an awful lot of quilt pieces, to my left, on the floor, before they start to get tangled in my chair wheels…. Then I just stitch them up and move that section out to the family room. I do miss having a design wall, that I had in my previous space, so there are definite trade offs when designing the way you plan on using your space…


      • We definitely need to talk more about my new space; I could use your expertise in designing it, if my territorial invasion is successful. My wonderful husband wanted a man cave in our new house, so the builder is going to finish off 650 sf of the basement. Eric said I could have a corner. Maybe he can have a corner. Anhyhoo, let’s talk. =)


      • sewfrench says:

        Anytime, Sue. I am open to sharing, as you can see.
        I guess my first question would be what does your man plan to do with his shared space. If he is a writer/computer geek or TV watcher/game player is one thing… Mine is a furniture builder and that just could not happen in *my* space, LOL!
        By the way, you have a very nice house plan. It does remind me of ours, 2 bedrooms, up, one on the main, then the lower level….


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Drool! What a gorgeous space to create!


  6. peacockchic says:

    Oh my goodness. Your sewing room is AMAZING!!!! You did a wonderful job


  7. Tara says:

    Lori, I agree with Elizabeth, DROOL!!

    What an amazing space, and it’s just amazing what you’ve done with it!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and the privacy of your home!! ❤

    Now, get back to work! LOL!!


  8. Trisch says:

    Um, so the FIRST time I come to your blog and THIS is what I see?! Are you trying to make me discontent with my extremely messy–no–TOTALLY DISASTROUS room dh built me in the garage?!

    LOL! I love it! Someday I’ll have to clean mine up so I can actually *do* something out there…..

    Drooling heavily here!



    • sewfrench says:

      I’ll have to post a before picture, Trisch. I use my spaces to the max! I get into a project or three and until I come up struggling for creative air, even the trash doesn’t get hauled out, it can be bad, really bad. But for now, I am pretty much, the only one to blame for the messes and that stinks…. Well, not the room, it smells fine, just that I have no one to share the blame….
      I am definitely more creative when my slate is clean. Right now it’s clean, but I have SO many projects I have to finish before I can even finish dreaming up the next one. And starting a blog is not helping me finish, any of them….. Thanks for stopping by, Trisch, my friend, come again, anytime!



    What can I say. You must be the envy of women everywhere. Very nice. Happy for you.


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  12. Jenny says:

    This is an amazing space, and I’m so jealous of so many things — including the custom cabinetry that hides everything away! But I’m going to be weird and say that the thing I’m most jealous of is your Opryland yardstick. I used to work there, and my husband and I met there (working), so I collect unusual Opryland items (not trinkets or typical “collectibles”), and that surely qualifies! What’s the story behind it?


    • sewfrench says:

      Awww.. thanks, Jenny! I don’t really have a story. It belonged to my grandmother, one of the most influential persons in my life. She is who taught me to sew. Of the 12 grandchildren I am the only one who took up sewing. It is quite an unusual yardstick because of it’s shape. It is cube shaped, but larger towards the top than the bottom. When we were kids we were all fascinated with it. It was a walking stick, a sword, even an umbrella! If I ever found another one, I’d send it to my brother because he was quite jealous that I got it after Grandma passed away. Rightly so, LOL! After him, I’d send you one!I wish I knew more, but there’s not really anyone left to ask… I don’t remember her ever visiting Opryland or even seeing any pictures. Now you’ve got me wondering. Maybe a friend brought it back to her?? Hmmm…


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  14. Hello, Wow very beautiful. I am sure it was only a matter or time before someone asked this so here I go. What color is the paint and brand, it would go wonderfully in my bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration.


  15. Donna says:

    Your room is lovely and the view is simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us!


    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you and you are welcome!
      I have no problem sharing, because I struggled so, for ideas, my first time around. Hopefully something here will inspire, or at least be helpful, to others.


  16. Connie says:

    Wow!! What a spectaular quilting room!


  17. Marianne says:

    This is my favorite ‘Where I Sew Month’ picture. OMG, your cutting table is larger than my entire sewing room!!! You are lucky!


    • sewfrench says:

      Awww thank you! I am lucky, I know it. I took in sewing for others, for years, sewing out of the two spare feet lining our bedroom, for years. Yes, I am lucky. And a cutting table, so large, holds a lot of lost items…. just so you know…


  18. Céline says:

    Waohhhhhh, it’s a dream. You are so happy.


  19. Linda says:

    WOW! You are one lucky girl!


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