Smell o’web

(Almost) Vegan Pasty Pie ingredients

You wish, you had smell o’web, you would know just how heavenly it smells in here….

The sauteed up product. Can you smell it, can you smell it now???

Do I love my baby or what?  Just because we are overflowing with fresh veggies, working on an inventory reduction plan, and we need to meet up for a trade, does not mean she deserves this?  Does it?  Or does it not?   Just because she is a hard working, healthy eating, super smart, creative, a fabulous photographer, does not mean I should just hand it over.  I think she owes me.  I taught her all she knows, trained her in what is right and good…..  She owes me, like some graphic design work, like some art work, like graduating college with an art degree *and* a minor?  in 4 years?  with 2 internships?  and a job?  Wait, yeah, she’s doing/done all that and then some.  Dang.  She *is* good.  Check out my custom banner for one example……..  Check out her blog for another…  Yeah, she did teach me all I know about blogging…  I’ll give her that…  But…….. it smells awfully good in here and if it could buy *me* another night off of cooking, I wouldn’t hand it off to her………..

That’s how good it smells…

Another one of these…

It’s just a good thing, I have a dinner date tonight or this would be on our table.  Seriously.

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3 Responses to Smell o’web

  1. This is mean, I am sitting here looking at this picture drooling. I am hungry and drooling. You know this is my favorite and you are teasing me with delicious pictures!!!!! After I relax a little I am going to attempt to recreate your chicken and biscuits (no dumplings though!!).


    • sewfrench says:

      I was just hoping I took out enough of the mushiness to post this and you wouldn’t be upset, but I figured it was a trade off.
      I get to brag, you get a meal, LOL!


      • I can’t wait to eat that up, it looks so good!! And I will take a home-cooked meal ANY day, you know that, it’s my weakness. I’m a starving artist, I can’t help it!


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