Zippity Doo Dah

Don’t you hate how much zippers cost? What I hate even more is not being able to find interesting ones. You know when you buy clothing the zippers can be so interesting and heavy. Cool pull tabs, heavier metal, a much bigger variety of colors…

So when I got ready to start a new project that calls for 5″ zippers I headed out to JoAnn’s to see what I could see. Well, you know the rest of that story. Same old, same old…. But next door!

This is not a political statement but ding, ding, ding a financial statement!

As I walked in the door, of this new store, I took notice that on this day everything with a purple tag was 50% off! Off to find the purple tags. Nothing else. Only purple. Maybe.

And look at the interesting goodies I found in no time. Two were marked $3.99 and the other two $4.99 and with three of them having purple tags, I am in for a bargain that I can not find anywhere else, for any price!!

And I love them! I had to stop myself from buying more than I needed today, but aren’t these great? Just look at those heavy, interesting pull tabs!!

Then when the cashier rings me up and tells me it is $6.42 I can’t pay fast enough! Three of them were marked down to 69 cents!

Apparently one of these was not a purple tag…. Apparently I needed the gold tab/hot pink zipper really badly. But that’s okay. I found better zips, at a much better price, without having to use up all my 40% off Joann coupons!

Have you ever tried this? Do you reuse zippers for craft projects? It’s easy enough to shorten them to any length you want and with only needing 5″ zippers, I don’t have to remove the entire length, just the bottom half.

Hopefully the mess I make, upon removal, will still have me thinking this was the deal of the day!!

My plan is that by next week this will be a finish that I can show off!

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12 Responses to Zippity Doo Dah

  1. I LOVE that idea! And you can make pillows and other cool things out of the jacket fabrics! 🙂


  2. NANCY says:

    I have bought second hand items just for their buttons too!


  3. That is a GREAT idea! I will need to remember that when I cast off some of the boys clothes that are not even good enough for donation!!!!!


  4. You found fabulous zippers. I avoid zippers if at all possible but I have in mind to make a bag so I’ve been haunting the thrift stores here for just the right zipper in the right color. Zippers and buttons and even fabric — I shop the thrift stores all the time and find wonderful deals. Find out the day they change their color tags for their 50% off (they’ll rotate through 6 or 8 colors and change them every week) and go that day to find the most items on sale. Can’t wait to see what you do with your zippers.


  5. I can totally relate to this! I buy thrift store clothes for the buttons, zippers, cool embellishments, and sometimes just the fabric, too. Once I started looking at things this way it opened up a whole new world of possibilities! Love the zippers you found! What do you do to shorten them?


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  7. mtetar says:

    That’s also my kind of deal of a DAY. Great Post, and thanks for sharing your creative ideas along with projects. Mtetar


  8. Elizabeth says:

    Clever. So, so clever!

    xo -E


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