A no/slow progress week

We all have them. Don’t we? You do, don’t you??? Surely it’s not just me, but sometimes it seems like it, LOL!

Thank you everyone who entered my first giveaway and gave me so many great movie suggestions! I picked up “Everything is Illuminated.” as suggested by Pat. Can’t wait to get to some long-delayed handwork tomorrow and watch it! I was shocked at how many of your recommendations my library had on the shelf. I had to restrain myself because I wanted a couple of new books on tape, too. I picked up one of books from the Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini. I’ve not read any of them and Carol, another quilter, recently mentioned how fun reading a few of them are. With the long list of books she has written, sometimes I think too many books, by the same author, and it starts to feel like they are churning them out. So we’ll see.

Right now I’ve been struggling through a highly recommended older book, The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo by Irving Stone. It’s good, just not living up to the reputation that preceded it. Or maybe I just need to get into bed, to read, earlier? Maybe you’ve read it?

I also want to thank everyone who took the time to vote for my Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors quilt. I really appreciate all the kind words. Thinking if all my quilt recipients would vote I would have it licked, but I guess it’s not to be… I’m definitely rethinking the gifting of quilts. Maybe not everyone appreciates handmade as much as I do??? Do you ever have thoughts like that? I really don’t care if I win a $30 gift certificate or not. It’s the principle of people want, want, wanting from you and then never giving back. Arrgh. You know what I mean, surely….

Okay, enough of that.

Well, I spent hours yesterday, over at Flickr, getting my hyperlinks fixed. I *thought* I fixed them a month ago, but apparently not. I can’t believe I can see traffic coming from there to here with all those broken links. And I can NOT believe no one told me they didn’t work! Maybe fewer people click-through links, to blogs, to see the full explanation of a project? I don’t know about you, but I know I do. All. The. Time.


Looks like what I need to be doing is finishing up the binding on my Honeycomb quilt. Yeah, that’s right. I’m sitting here covered up with it, dodging the straight pins, wondering why it’s last 6 feet, of binding, isn’t stitched down yet. And it still needs embroidered with my initials and the date.

The sleeve and embroidery, along with the name are still waiting to be attached to my unnamed wall hanging.

And the sleeve on my Bubble Quilt.

Such boring work. Especially since they’ve already been washed and I have seen them in all their shriveled up glory! (Well not the Honeycomb quilt, of course.) I think that is what pushes me to finish a quilt and then I still need to *really* finish it, LOL!

I promise I’ll have some of this stuff finished by next week.

Or I won’t be here on Wednesday.

One or the other…

But right now I have a bushel of tomatoes to turn into salsa.

Not exactly sure why I put a white shirt on today…

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8 Responses to A no/slow progress week

  1. marcella says:

    I think it’s like italian food – always must be made or eaten while wearing a white shirt 🙂 I have learned to be careful who I give quilts to as well. Many people have no concept of how much work and time goes into one (in addition to the cost of materials) Only those who really appreciate one receive one.


  2. Amanda says:

    I voted (and shared) your contest quilt before the guilt trip, just to clarify 🙂 haha jk…You know I appreciate all my quilts. My wall hanging is the first thing I show off to people when they visit! And my furniture from Peter! I love being surrounded by all the awesome creative things my parents have made.


  3. Pat says:

    I know what you mean about the gift quilts. My hand quilted ones only go to a very select couple of relations who appreciate the time and effort of making a quilt. That’s why I began learning free motion machine quilting this past year – so the others I feel obliged to gift a quilt but who likely won’t take as good care of it, get a machine quilted (and easy pattern) one! And of course, the preschool and elementary aged grandkids whose moms need wash-and-wear, not heirloom. Yum – homemade salsa; hope our tomatoes ripen before frost so we can make some this year.


  4. audrey says:

    Absolutely learn to be careful who you give quilts to that have so much of ‘you’ invested in them. I once learned that one of my quilts (granted, a baby quilt) ended up in a dumpster after the recipient decided they were done with it. Very painful lesson for me as I had actually spent a lot of time making that quilt extra special. Well, to me anyway! I still love to make and give quilts away, but I definitely pick and choose what kind of work and creativity I have wrapped up in each one. The bottom line is, it’s the thought that counts and if they can’t appreciate anything more than that–make them a quilt out of a kit and they’ll love it just as much as the one you sweat blood and tears over. Really, they will. Who cares if YOU think it’s crap (compared to your best work) when they won’t even notice the difference? Quilters are generous people who love to have their work appreciated so you should never completely deny yourself that particular satisfaction. Just make sure you choose your ‘best work’ recipients wisely. They will understand immediately what you’re gifting them with and you’ll sleep better.:)


  5. Oh, hey, how do I find you on Flikr? @Audrey is scaring me with that dumpster talk!!


  6. Heather says:

    It was sort of disheartening for me to find out that people who I gave very simple and quick quilts to seemed to like them better than the complex quilts that other quilters would truly appreciate. Now I stick to fairly simple if I am giving them away. It is easier for me and people like them.


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