Can You Hear Me Now???

Seems like every week is busier than the last but with several hours, here and there, my Honeycomb quilt is quilted!!!  And the binding is on! Hoping it will be hand stitched down during my next movie watching session. I could so get used to this machine quilting for certain projects. It is sew fast compared to hand quilting!

And yes, I wear headphones when I sew and quilt. They are wireless, they protect my hearing and I can listen to Pandora, podcasts (so many interesting ones on iTunes), books on tape (currently James Patterson’s’ Private Games) or movies (most recently Love and other Drugs) through my computer or television. The best part is I can hear equally well whether the machine is running or just the seam ripper. No need to turn the volume up and down depending on how much noise is going on. This pair is good for wandering two levels of the house so I don’t miss anything when I go to start dinner or work on the laundry. And just like on airplanes, people tend to leave you alone when you have headphones on!

Have you seen the Scrap Quilt Challenge? If you have scraps you should check it out. I’ll update the link below to take you where you need to go, if you’re interested in voting. It starts Saturday, September 1.

Just for fun, I entered my hand pieced, hand quilted Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors scrap quilt. I made it in 1995 and used it as a wall hanging (60″ x 60″) until recently when it was retired to a nap, I mean lap, quilt.

scrap quilt

I’m off to make some Vanilla Peach jam this weekend. Hope you do something creative, too! I’m linking up with these folks with lots of great ideas, if you need one!


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14 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now???

  1. Great idea to use wireless headphones — I’m going to do that too. Beautiful quilt — it’s stood the test of time beautifully!


  2. Love your photo with the headphones I could certainly do with a pair sometimes!


  3. epears says:

    What a beautiful quilt! Looks amazing I wish I knew how to do this, you are so talented


  4. perthmodernquilt says:

    Haha about the headphones! thought u must be doing a live radio broadcast while sewing!


  5. Ooh, great idea! Although I think my kids would bug me anyway still, haha!


  6. Your honeycomb quilt is looking wonderful. Love the colours. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF. 🙂


  7. Sharon says:

    Your Joseph’s coat quilt is incredible.


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  9. Sarah Craig says:

    What a fabulous picture of you at the sewing machine!! And your quilts are wonderful, too! Whoop whoop!


  10. nicky992 says:

    I love that lap quilt!


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