Life is good!


While both our girls were here canning with me, on this day, it is strange that there are no pictures of them… I’m guessing they had their PJs on already!

I am so glad I passed on the knowledge of canning, to my girls and that they proudly do it! Woo Hoo for being publicly acknowledged for it Krystal!

Seems like just yesterday the cherries trees were in bloom.

But that was back in April. After 2 solid weeks of temps in the 70s and 80s in March, blooms came much sooner than the last frost. With every frost, more blooms were lost, meaning fewer cherries survived. You may not know it but Michigan produces 75% of the nations tart cherries, those used in pies, cherry juice for their anti-inflammatory benefits, cough syrups and many other food products. We also produce 20% of the sweet cherries and rank #3…

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