How about an ear-worm to carry you through the day???

Every time I type Honeycomb, this is what gets stuck in my ear. How about you???

Busy living life = not enough time, in the day,  to blog… Ya know???

I should have warned you it would be like this, especially in the height of summer.

Now that things are closer to our normal, I got to spend a few hours piecing on my Honeycomb quilt. It’s coming. I may even have even been heard saying “this one is a pretty quick one to put together”.

I was kidding.



plus this

Equals a really big quilt.

Hopefully before next Wednesday I will have decided between a queen or king. Until then, I just keep plugging away!

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9 Responses to How about an ear-worm to carry you through the day???

  1. Cindy @ In A Stitch says:

    Great job!


  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow! That honeycomb quilt is really looking stellar! I love it!


  3. citricsugar says:

    That’s funny – I remember the visuals but not the jingle bit…. I’m still lamenting how they changed corn pops from slightly chewy and flat on one side to rock hard and overly round. And that was years ago. Ha.

    The honeycomb is looking really great. And it takes as long as it takes – don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Construct like a bee but not at a bee’s pace if it stresses you out. 🙂


    • sewfrench says:

      It’s been so long since I’ve eaten cereal, I have no idea when they made the changes. I did used to love to eat Corn Pops, dry, out of a glass, while reading in bed. Just pour them in your mouth LOL! But they would get so sticky! Nowadays I mostly eat granola, as cereal and that’s too high calorie to eat mindlessly! The piecing just became monotonous! Large quilts will do that though. I need some smaller projects to work in with this one! Thanks!


  4. Amanda says:

    This looks so great!! It has really progressed since I was there! I can’t wait to see this come together. I always look forward to seeing how you quilt it, that’s my favorite part 🙂


  5. I look at it, and have seen these before…but am clueless on how they are sewn together!


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