I’ve always said going gluten-free wasn’t that hard, for me. I’ve never been a huge bread lover, like some people. Okay, maybe a nice crusty loaf at a good restaurant, a pizza crust in Chicago, fresh pasta in Italy…. I digress as my stomach rumbles…

And now with BLT season upon us, I am tempted by the smell of toast. But a BLT is not about the toast, it’s about the tomato, in my opinion.

I ♥ tomatoes! And this Ox Heart tomato, weighing it at over a pound, was a delight to sink my teeth in to!

But what is a BLT without bread to wrap it in? It’s still good just wrapped in lettuce, my usual sandwich wrap. But to wrap it in a wheat free bread would be delightful!

Behold, my latest and greatest, gluten-free sandwich wrap! This recipe is a winner! The recipe isn’t mine but the…

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