A Friday Finish

I was gifted Amy Butler’s Institches book, several years ago. It is full of a variety of simple projects. Pillows, purses, bags, throws, bathrobe, a shower caddy….  I hate to admit that I have only used it for one pattern.

But I have used that one pattern three times.

Sort of.

I rarely use a pattern, or recipe for that matter, as written. I love these lounge pants, especially once I cut the front waist down about two inches, the back about an inch and seamed the sides in about two on each side. It’s almost as if the pattern is written for someone 5′ 10″ and shapelier that I!

With this super warm weather, you dress for hot weather but come time to go in and cook dinner, the house starts to feel too cool for the tanks and shorts. Slipping into a pair of lounge pants is the perfect answer.

Lotta Jansdotter Echo

I picked up this Lotta Jansdotter Echo, Scattered Blooms in Navy, way back in the winter. I am so in love with this fabric, I didn’t want to cut into it. It’s a little heavier than your usual quilting fabric. Heavy enough that I made a shift back in February, out of one of her other colors and have since worn the tail off of it. I finally broke down and decided to cut into this piece. I added contrasting bands at the hem, Woven in Navy, because I could. And who can resist a 2″ elastic combined with a drawstring waist? Not I.

Crystal Lake, MI

They are great for early morning coffee, at the lake, too.

I love them. I’m so glad I have finally altered the pattern to where I can make them without trying them on 12 times. I am so happy I finally took this fabric out of hiding, where I can enjoy it more often.

You should try it. Get that favorite fabric that you are saving for “something” out and enjoy it, now!

You know there will always be a new favorite and it may even be sooner than you can imagine!


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27 Responses to A Friday Finish

  1. Woo hoo on using that fabulous fabric! The pants look so comfortable and chic. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!


  2. Shannon says:

    So jealous! I bought some fabric some 5 years ago to make just those pants….it sits neatly folded in a bin. One day I will make the jump to bravely stitch for clothing purposes! Great job!


  3. Ginette says:

    Those are awesome!! They look so comfy and the fabric is fabulous!


  4. bold goods says:

    I don’t think my last comment posted…

    These are my favorite type of pants for lounging around the house, I can’t believe I haven’t made any yet. I love your fabric choice, too. They’re so cute!


    • sewfrench says:

      Go for it! You’ll thank yourself every time you pull them on. This is the first time I’d done something like this with fabric that I truly *love*!! It really feels special!


  5. Carin says:

    Those pants look really comfy! And it’s a splendid fabric choice!


  6. perthmodernquilt says:

    They are great!!! What a fabulous gift to get. thanks for linking up!!!


  7. Janet K says:

    So cute! I have that book, but haven’t tried the lounge pants pattern. And I’m about 5’10” and “shapelier” than you from what I can see in your photo, so maybe I won’t need to alter too much! Thanks for sharing this project!


  8. Elizabeth says:

    Patterns are never what size they say they are . . . glad you got yours whipped into shape. Super cute pants! The crosshatch trim at the bottom is just the right touch! Nicely done! Thanks for linking up!

    xo -E


  9. Sara says:

    Love those cuffs on the pjs and your poses;) I keep saying I am going to make myself some:)


  10. Wendy Wiesen says:

    Those are wonderful! LOVE ECHO, I have that book and haven’t made a thing from it! Just eye candy!


  11. I have come to that same conclusion about fabric. And your pants do look comfortable. If you use at least one thing in a book or magazine, then it is worth the price….and yours was a gift…Glad you were able to customize it.


    • sewfrench says:

      Thanks! You are making me feel SO much better about only having made one pattern from this book!
      And I’m supposed to make at least one thing from magazines, too? Egads, I have some backpedalling to do….


  12. Sarah Craig says:

    Great looking pants – I find that most of Amy’s patterns need some “tweaking” but they’re always interesting! Whoop whoop!!


  13. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love those! Hmmm, I have a vintage floral sheet that might be perfect for lounge pants … :)!


  14. they look great! what a good job you did! I have the book and the fabric… now I need the courage to cut it!


  15. Myra says:

    Oooh, they look so comfortable! Nice going! I ought to make something comfy just for me for a change. : )


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