It’s like peeking in windows

only legal! And the exact window you want to peek in to, too!!

Oh, this is going to be a fun blog hop/tour to follow. I love getting to sneak a peek inside other people’s spaces.

Not to mention there are prizes, too! Who wouldn’t love a Pink Chalk gift certificate?? Check it out!

My Liberty of London fabric arrived yesterday!! UPS said it wouldn’t arrive until the 6th and it came on the 2nd. How about that for a nice surprise outside my front door?!

This is the fabric for the Liberty Charm Swap I recently talked about.

I’ve never owned Liberty of London fabric and as I previously said, the only time I have seen it was in ready-made clothes. JCrew, one of my favorites, uses it almost seasonally, But they rarely make it to the sale rack, in my size…. The weave it so tight, it is slippery, almost like a polyester. But with such a lovely hand to it. It is so gorgeous I’m not sure I even want to cut into it!!


But I will…. Hopefully I can get my charms in the mail today, before the holiday.

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2 Responses to It’s like peeking in windows

  1. Tabatha says:

    Liberty fabrics are soooo expensive, I don’t own any but I’ve seen one or two prints in high end fabric stores and I just can’t justify paying that much money… YET! ;D


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