Color Blocked


I have been overwhelmed with sweet comments on my entry in the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. Thank you all so very much.

Bloggers' Quilt Festival spring 2012

It is so special to have other quilters recognize your work. Family always does, that’s what they do. But strangers? It is very sweet. I was even pinned, over at Pinterest, by none other than the fabric designer, Robert Kaufman himself! He wrote such a nice comment.  I feel filled with love and gratitude.

I am just #69 of 631 favorite quilts. All are very special to their friends and families, I am sure. Nominations started last night and will continue through Friday for 16 different categories. I am having a really hard time remembering which quilt I wanted to nominate for which category. I should have been taking notes from the beginning. I am glad I have through Friday to get them picked!

Voting started this morning, for Viewers Favorite, and will continue for one week.  I am not self promoting, okay, maybe just a little, even though doing so is encouraged as is creating alliances. I like a little competition but I don’t do well with being judged…. But I have had several people ask so I’m just putting the information out there. Clicking on the vote button, above the quilt you are choosing, is how you vote. No log in or information needed to vote. One vote per ISP address or cell phone, ir would appear. Do with it what you want.

For me, I’ve still got another couple hundred quilts to look at before I have all my favorites picked!

So what have I worked on this week?

I put together a quickie quilt to try my hand at machine quilting. I’ll give you more details on this when I get it finished. Can you tell I love Robert Kaufmans Kona cotton solids? I have done so little quilting by machine, but just a quick look through the Festival quilts, you can see it is all the rage…

It was fun.

And fast! Holy Cow! I got this 44″ quilt top sandwiched, basted, quilting lines marked and machine quilted in about two hours. Can that even be right?? Now I understand how people are putting out multiple quilts per week! Machine quilting may help me get some of my quilt tops quilted faster, but I think I’ll stick with hand quilting for the majority of them…

For now I need to take a peek at all the WIP Wednesday projects!

Have a Wildly Wonderful Wednesday!

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20 Responses to Color Blocked

  1. Patti says:

    Your use of solids is so lovely! I remember seeing the Bubble quilt ! gorgeous!


  2. Gorgeous – both of your quilts!


  3. bold goods says:

    I have no idea how you did all of that in two hours! That would take me about 4! Looks great.


    • sewfrench says:

      I had the music playing and was having a good ole time. I know it was only a piece of the afternoon, I swear I looked at the clock correctly. Now you have me second guessing myself on long it took!


  4. Emily says:

    Both quilts are fabulous!! I”m about to pin that last one – I have a ton of random solids that would make a great quilt like that – very “color blocked” 🙂


    • sewfrench says:

      Thank you, Emily!
      Hopefully I’ll type it up next week. I think I cut the blocks at 5 1/2 and 10 1/2″. I’m really happy with it for such a simple block.


  5. Carla TV says:

    Another beautiful piece!


  6. lynnema says:

    I have not stopped the quilt festivalyet, so I was glad to see the bubble quilt. I love it!


  7. Amanda says:

    I love the solids that you chose! (Choose? I always get those two words mixed up.)


  8. Rachel says:

    Love the colors and graphic impact of your quilts!


  9. marion says:

    Just beautiful! I love both of the quilts! Your colors are wonderful!


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