How I make a basic Marinara

Get your skillet smoking hot and add a twirl of olive oil.

Sprinkle in some cayenne pepper flakes, cook just until your eyes start to burn or if you remembered to turn on the vent fan until the air is spicy.

Add one good-sized shallot, chopped.  After a minute of two add in a nice sized chopped garlic clove.

Saute up until all is wilted and golden, but not burned.  Deglaze with a nice splash of white wine.

You can smell it now, can’t you??

Now dump in a pint of canned tomatoes and a hearty dollop of your frozen pesto.  I hate that I am already starting to use the tomatoes I have canned *this* year, but you know, if that’s all you got, you just go with it!

Marinara recipeCook up until it starts to get a bit dryer.  Then toss in a couple of handfuls of cherry/ grape/ tommy toe, whatever you call them at your house, tomatoes that you have quartered.

Taste for seasoning.

Enjoy over the seemingly abundance of this years spaghetti squash, or pasta, if you must, use as a pizza sauce or whatever your little heart desires.  You know it’s good and good for you!

If there is any left is awesome on garlic toast, the day after!



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3 Responses to How I make a basic Marinara

  1. Angie Tobias says:

    So… I have been wanting to try spaghetti squash, but I am a little worried Clint won’t be sold… does it taste like noodles?

    Also, check out this hilarious food photography, has Amanda seen this? I wanted to send it to her, but I don’t have her contact info!

    I love reading your blog 🙂


    • sewfrench says:

      I do not think spaghetti squash tastes like noodles. I think it tastes better. Not squash~y, exactly, either. Parmesan makes it taste really, really good, LOL!
      If you don’t think it will fly how about making it as a side dish along with something Clint does loves\. Isaiah will love it, I bet. As a side dish, there will be enough squash leftover for your lunch, but you’d need more sauce than this recipe ; )

      Thanks on the blog comment… I waver back and forth between wondering if writing what I’m thinking or doing is perceived in the right light. Then other days, I think, don’t read it, iI don’t give a flip….

      I’ll pass that on to Amanda.


      • Lisa says:

        I also LOVE spaghetti squash as a substitute for noodles. It doesn’t taste just like noodles, but it has a similiar consistency and yes, it tastes better! I also love it because it gives me a healthy helping of veggies. 🙂 I will be trying your marinara, Lori!


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