My ever changing view

It’s settling in and looking like it belongs.

It’s nice to see the maples are changing colors.  A nice bonus over all the evergreens we had before.

You can still see the line between the new lawn and the old lawn.  You can still see where the heavy equipment damage has not quite filled back in, yet, but it’s coming.

Looks as if most of the befores were snow photos.  Though the big bushy trees did make for beautiful snow pictures, they also blocked our view.  We can now more clearly see the fox and the deer.  And the moles.  Must do something about the moles on our beautiful new lawn….

The view below my kitchen window before…

The three bushes in the back would grow to the gutters by late July.  It was hard to keep this corner cut back enough.  It was either a jungle or cut to the ground, hardly an in between to enjoy.

And the after…  So young and fresh.

What a difference, in person, anyway.  It shows just how over grown a landscape can get in just 5 years, even with regular pruning, this is what it looked like not long ago, hopeful these new varieties won’t take over so quickly.  It took lots of heavy equipment to get that jungle out of there.

Pretty sure I’ve always despised this creeping hunk of dead thing…

It looks so much better with the new stone and plantings.  These are wee little grasses, similar to a monkey grass, but not.  I forgot what they are.  I need an updated plan from the Landscapers, they altered their original plan, a bit…

Out my studio window…

And after…  You can’t really tell, but all the half dead ground cover has been replaced with Pachysandra, a better variety for this location.  And our leaves have started falling!

And the front before…

Circa 2007, before we swapped the bark for stone.  Look how little everything was!

And now after the latest freshener…  Look how that tree has grown!

Tree huggers, don’t stress.  We removed 12 trees and then planted 21 super healthy ones.   We also added lots of other greenery.

And provided jobs for several individuals for a couple of weeks.  Which gets my head spinning, in circles, as in The Exorcist, thinking that the Obama Jobs Bill wants me to send more money to Washington so that *they* can hire my landscapers????  Not sure that I believe the Feds (no matter who they are) can provide more jobs to *my* local economy, better than me.  But we won’t go there….

We couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.

And to think it just started with Peter wanting to play on his lawn mower….

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4 Responses to My ever changing view

  1. Pam Bratton says:

    Very nice photos Lori. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. chatzakity says:

    Your garden looks beautiful! Well done Lori & Peter!


  3. Lisa says:

    Apparently you need to drink more kool-aid! LOL It all looks so gorgeous. Every spring we say that we will landscape. Every year..nope.


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