I Can’t Wait!

It’s almost time for the semi-annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival!!


Though I haven’t been very prolific, this year, I do have a finish I haven’t shared. Originally the hand-quilting category was eliminated, but the masses spoke and it was revived. I predict this year will have the largest number of entries, ever! I hope you are as excited, as I am, to see all the quilts this time round!

For now, I am still working on emptying out my scrap baskets. I currently have 5 quilts in progress, straight out of those baskets and here I decided to start another…. A take on the old-fashioned maple leaf quilt. Each square is cut to 5 1/2″. I have about used up all my Kona scraps, haven’t decided if I should dig into my stash or quit now… Deciding on a final size is always the hardest part! (That is exactly why I haven’t finished the 5 I spoke of!)

Maple Leaf quiltP.S. I recently saw someone else making a similar quilt but I can’t remember where I saw it. Remind me if you recognize it, will you, please??

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See you back here soon!

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7 Responses to I Can’t Wait!

  1. Glad to hear you are as excited as I am for Amy’s quilt festival, Lori! Can’t wait to see your entry!!! That WIP is looking good. I know a lot of people have been making maple blocks lately, but I am not quite sure about this design in particular.


  2. Kate says:

    That is a wonderful looking quilt. That is one of my favourites from Lee’s book, although they are all amazing. I really like the look of it in solids. I’m gonna go ahead and give my unwarranted opinion that since it is a relatively easy block to piece you should keep going. Unless you don’t want to 😉


  3. Allison says:

    This is so great! I love how you’ve changed up the direction of the blocks–creates so much interest.


  4. Beth says:

    Kate from swim quilt bike made it as well. I agree never going to use up all the scraps but they are fun to see what you can make.


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