Upcoming Giveaway!

It has been a lazy, though productive last several days around here. We watched several movies then proceeded to get caught up on our television recordings, so that means I got a lot of hand quilting on this queen-sized, scrap quilt done.

I am to the point where I should be tracking the percent left to go. I think I’m just past the half way point.

I love the way hand quilting shows up on plain, old-fashioned muslin. I’m not sure why I ever got away from it and recently found myself really struggling to figure out which one I should buy, since now they all have brands and different levels of quality stamped on the bolts. The brands and qualities suggested to me, by other hand quilters, was not available, locally. What was available, and that I really liked the feel of *and* that there was 9 yards of… was Roc-lon Permanent Press. It has a nice feel and it is not see through, but not a thick one, either. And I really, really like the price!! What a huge difference to quilt with this on the back as opposed to a Kona-ish fabric, which has backed so many of my more recent quilts!

With all your help I am further along with figuring out the mechanics of FMQ. My stitches look SO much better with a new needle that is labeled “quilting”. I think it is a #11, I was using a fairly new, universal, #14. My stitches are still not consistent, lots of panicky, sharp turns, but I did manage to quilt this project with no more eyelashing! Bound, washed and dried and my quilting looks even better!

As everyone else is, I am sure, I am working on other gifty items that I can not share 😦  I am ready to start quilting on my Starry, Starry Night quilt, too. I *think* I know what I’m doing to it.

Have you heard of the Traveling Stash boxes? They are these boxes filled with a collection of fabrics, patterns, thread and other quilty fun! When you receive a box you take out what you like, replace it with items from your own stash, hold a giveaway and then send it to the next lucky person. You can find all the rules and guidelines (including how to save on postage) here. I just recently ran across a post about them and started entering the giveaways, for all the different boxes, like a mad woman!

I just love surprises and it doesn’t look like there are very many people throwing their names in the hat for these. I am really thankful I didn’t win two in one week!

As soon as my box arrives, I’ll be posting a quick turn around giveaway. So this is your warning! If you think you might want in on it, you should subscribe not to miss the post!

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9 Responses to Upcoming Giveaway!

  1. vivjm says:

    I love the look of hand quilting on muslin too. I like the way it feels better than regular quilting cotton too & the price is a third bonus!


    • sewfrench says:

      And somehow I totally forget why I quit using it. I think it can be what is what sets a quilt apart! You know, the difference between a quilt you pull over you and the one you get up and go get from the other room?!


  2. Teje says:

    Oh that muslin sound wonderful! I have difficulty to find local any fabircs I like. Your new quilt looks beautiful! What a lovely pattern and hand quilting is always so great! x Teje


  3. mtetar says:

    Lovely with a Springtime look. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mtetar


  4. It’s fun to see this quilt come together, since I remember it from the early planning stages back last summer!


  5. Foster says:

    I’ve used muslin in a quilt before and it does give a comfortable old-fashioned look.


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