Re: Garlic

Last week, I talked about how easy it is to grow garlic.

Well, that is easy for me to say. I’m digging up a small patch of landscaping and with a wish and a prayer, growing a few heads. Yes, they are multiplying each year, but I’m not to the point, yet, where I need to dig up the yard to plant a field of garlic.

Thos. Moser’s people got wind of that post and made contact to share some additional information and photos. If you remember, it was one of Thos. Moser’s craftsmen that gave us that one lonely clove back in the fall of 2009.

Our cabinetmakers are passionate about building the very best furniture in the world, and that passion carries over to other parts of their lives as well. One such example is “Garlic Bob”, a cabinetmaker for 20+ years who is equally as passionate about organic gardening. He is thrilled to hear that you are having success with it! He told me that what you have is either Russian Red or German Red garlic. (That comment jarred a memory that reminds us that ours is of the German Red variety.)

Bob started out much the same way you (sewfrench) did, planting just three cloves that he bought at a farmer’s market. After about 8 years or so he was up to 5,000 garlic plants until one snowless, but bitterly cold, Maine winter he lost nearly all of them when the heads were pushed up out of the ground by frost heaves. He was devastated and almost stopped growing garlic. But his passion for growing won out and he started over, and this year harvested about 6,000 heads of garlic (about 3,500 are his, the rest are his neighbor’s). They expected to plant about 8,000 this year, and they’ll do it all by hand in just one day!  They will be ready to harvest next summer. 

These photos are from his recent harvest of nearly 6,000 garlic plants! Read more about Bob over at the Thos. Moser website.

This is what a field of garlic looks like! Two rows of garlic, ready for harvest.

And when harvested it fills the back-end of a pickup. This is after it’s been cleaned.

And another truck full! Just look at the size of those heads in the bushel basket!! Wow!

And a third??? Yes siree, Bob!

This is what garlic is supposed to look like. Mine looks a little puny in comparison. I think I need to work on its nutrition!

The garlic harvest is a family affair…Bob’s daughter is cutting the top stalks off the garlic itself.

Now that is a job, I wouldn’t mind volunteering for. While wearing my cargo pants… Why yes, my thighs are naturally lumpy…. thank you very much…

Thank you Scott for passing all this information and Bob’s incredible photos along!

And a big thank you, to Bob, for making this world a better tasting place, one big, beautiful garlic clove at a time!

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2 Responses to Re: Garlic

  1. Winona says:

    Thank you for the very interesting post. We used to grow a little garlic, but never anything close to this amount. LOL Maybe we should plant some more.


  2. lynnema says:

    Wow! Makes me want to grow garlic. I have given up on growing most vegetables as the deer simply treat my yard as a salad bar … but perhaps they won’t like garlic!


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