A bag for bags

I’ve been intrigued by this tutorial, over at In Color Order, that Jeni put together, for quite some time. Maybe it is her fabric choices, I don’t know, but it’s been bookmarked,  waiting for me to *need* a new bag!

in color order lined drawstring bag tutorial

I adore this Joel Dewberry, Majestic Oak, in Sunglow, fabric and had some left, from this computer sleeve I made at Christmas, and found myself ready to cut into it again.

Joel Dewberry Majestic Oak, Herringbone in Timber

I make a lot of these type bags because I like the organization of putting things into containers. Getting ready for a busy summer, with several trips, I decided I need a bag for my jewelry. Not my jewels, LOL, but my costume jewelry. I have to say I love all jewelry and I am especially loving all the big, chunky necklaces that are so popular now. They can be hard to pack, safely. I keep them each in their own smaller drawstring bag and decided to give this bag a go, to contain everything in one place.

So thinking I could whip this bag out in 15 minutes, just before I wanted to use it, I did.

Okay, maybe it took a little more than 15 minutes, but not much more. Jeni has clearly illustrated her tutorial. No fancy supplies needed, not even interfacing. Gotta love being able to whip something up with what you have on hand. Lots of pictures including her ironing board cover than makes me drool. (I see another quicky project in my future!)

What took me longest to figure out was in which directions the measurements went for my directional fabric. It helped to look at the drawing of the fat quarters. Duh. Maybe because I was using yardage, not fat quarters, that I was slowed up? Doesn’t matter, the bag turned out wonderful. I even had ribbon, to match, and didn’t have to fuss with making a drawstring! Bonus!

If you’re in need of an easy bag pattern check it out. This size finishes out at 10″ high by 7″ wide, perfect size for what I needed. Best of all, it’s free! Other sizes available with her pattern purchase. I can see so many possibilities with this bag. The next one will have pockets, containers within containers! Gotta love it!

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9 Responses to A bag for bags

  1. Melinda says:

    How cute! Jeni just posted the other day that someone had come up with a secondary tutorial on how to add outside pockets to one of these bags.Check it out here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X-liXCX7pB7vY1FYyYrR84kYkFaELH2bRIr7KjRvyUI/edit?pli=1
    I’m dying to try it!


  2. Love this, Lori! Great fabric choices. And by the way, thanks for visiting my blog (I would have emailed you back, but I noticed that you were a no-reply blogger) — I’m so glad you liked my little makeup bag. I’ll be back to visit your blog again! 🙂


  3. Oooh, that bag is fabulous! Great fabric choice, Lori! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!


  4. Janet K says:

    Great bag – I like the drawstring – is it a ribbon or something you made? I’ve looked at that tutorial a dozen times too but haven’t had a good excuse to use it (yet).


  5. Heather Moon says:

    That fabric is great!


  6. Gemma says:

    Beautiful, beautiful fabric and what wonderful bags to show it off! After I get some much needed sleep I can see myself spending a few hours wandering around your gorgeous blog! Thanks for stopping by and linking up 🙂


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