It’s that time of year..

…when the hand quilting stack gets so high that I need a distraction to make a dent in it all…
From the bottom up~

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend~
Yes, she has been patiently waiting since before Christmas, now she’s ready to get a move on.

My untitled wall hanging~
Yes, this one has been around awhile, too.

It’s been marked and remarked. Stitched and unstitched. It is so thick in spots, because of the way I constructed it, that I actually thought I would machine quilt it. But I just couldn’t make myself do it. Especially on such a laborious quilt. I finally settled on concentric circles of equal distance apart and am about 20% complete right now.

and here, among other mentions, I’m sure.

Finally backed and marked, ready to be hand quilted in the same concentric circle pattern as the wall hanging. This one was tricky because of the size of the circles. The templates I’ve made only go up to 16″ diameter. For these I had to use the string attached to a pin with a marker on the other end. It worked. Okay. Not as neat, as I would have liked, hence no picture, but I can correct the waviness with the quilting. Hopefully.

Untitled inventory reduction pair~
I created these lovelies, a teen and a toddler sized pair, while watching the complete HBO series Big Love, 5 years worth in two quilts. Bam.
What a great series. Not sure what extra memories I have imprinted into these. It’s all about the love, though, that’s for sure!

Lee, from Freshly Pieced, for Moda Bake Shop calls it Cross Terrain. I won’t officially name them until they are quilted. I have to see what they *feel* like to me.

Oh yeah, go check out what else Lee and the rest of the gang are up to this week!

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3 Responses to It’s that time of year..

  1. Dee says:

    Wow…I thought I was in heaven there for a while! LOL Such fun and fabulous quilts! You have such a creative talent to match with quilting skills. Well done!


  2. Felicity says:

    I adore the term “inventory reduction” to apply to quilt tops! All your projects are beautiful – and hand quilting! Oh, my!


  3. Angie Tobias says:

    Where ya been??!! I miss your WIP posts especially… 🙂


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