I’m backkkk….

Wondered if I was returning, did you?

We spent part of the winter, less connected to technology, while playing snowbirds.

Only to return to near snowy conditions, in April, after missing out on the near 90° temperatures Michigan experienced during March. There was at least a week were it was warmer in Michigan than it was in Florida.

Go figure….

We had a great time taking in Tigers spring ball games,

getting up close and personal, with nature, as we walked almost every morning, putting in over 200 miles,

and taking in the sunsets most nights. I feel blessed and refreshed.

I did get some quilting done while we were away, but only on the drive south and back.

My Bubble quilt is quilted and I now have gotten the continuous bias binding attached and ready to hand stitch it down. Then off to the washing machine to bring out all the cuddly goodness.

Stay tuned to see my slowest, continually worked on quilt, ever, finally completed!

Happy Wednesday! Now, go check out the other WIPs over at Freshlypieced!

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3 Responses to I’m backkkk….

  1. I look forward to seeing that Bubble Quilt!


  2. Mmmmm….love your blog and quilts. Glad to have found you. Can’t wait to spend some more time reading old posts.


  3. bold goods says:

    Welcome back! Sounds like the best way to spend Winter ever!


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