WIP # 16 ~ Bubbles

Remember this pretty stack of Kona Cotton?

Remember this daughter designing a pattern off of Brigitte‘s idea?

Then color coding it for me?

Well, I finally got caught up on most everything around here and found the time to play and see if I can make it work, in fabric, with what I have in my head.

I started by cutting my paper pattern apart, on the stitching lines, representing each color.  I then traced around the pieces, on to the corresponding color of fabric, with a water-soluble blue pen.  I go through these things right and left. I never know which one is the *newest* one, as in, not dried up. I figure if I have enough of them, I’ll surely have a working one within arms reach.  Buy, buy, buy, buy….  If you don’t know what these are then you are missing out. Whether you are a quilter or not, no matter your hobby, these are handy-dandy.  A spritz of water removes your lines. The only issue a person *may* have is if you iron over the blue. It will never truly go away.  That explains why this quilt isn’t being ironed as I go.


I traced around my pattern pieces, then cut outside the blue line leaving a scant 1/4″ for a seam allowance.

I know if I seam them up and a blue line shows, I’m not as good as I think I am and they also won’t lie flat. It’s like a puzzle.  Which seam is next? Which seam has to be laid down before the next one will fit? I am cutting one or two colors, as I go, to keep it all straight in my head. And pinning, using lots of pins for all these deep curves.  The chartreuse set within the red concerns me. Any ideas? More pins??  LOL!

I only had an hour to work on it, but so far, so good.  I know that I may be removing segments as I go, and replacing them with other colors, to get the look I am going for. I’m okay with that. Sewing isn’t the hard part. Using the tiny color cards to imagine and pick colors isn’t the easiest. And sorting through 212 colors of Kona cotton, at the fabric store, leaves behind a terrible mess….

Among these projects…. my under~wraps quilt with 14/36 heavily, hand quilted blocks finished last week.  This week it’s up to 21/36.  Several hot and heavy evenings of quilting and several with none : (

Jane Austen has now been folded up while I contemplate her finished size and work on this new one…

Wall hanging quilt is staring at me, patiently waiting its turn….

Pop over to Freshly Pieced and see what everyone else is doing.  I’ll meet you there as soon as I pour one last cup of coffee!

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11 Responses to WIP # 16 ~ Bubbles

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I like the way that is coming along. I also like the names you have assigned to the fabric colors.


  2. Edit Takacs says:

    I’m curious to be ready for quilting. I really like.


  3. Becky says:

    WOW! That’s going to be amazing! Can’t wait to see how it comes out!


  4. Brigitte says:

    Lori, you made my heart beating stronger! It is so exciting to see you actually working on this idea and to make your own personal version from it. I love, love it! I can imagine how difficult it is to put everything together, but I’m sure you will make it and it will turn out STUNNING. It really must have been an adventure to find all the right shades. I know that Kona has not so much shades between orange and cherry red, the brick reds are a bit missing. But anyway, they have about 200 colors to chose from. Guess what – my man gifted me last week (50th birthday) with two canvas prints of this design, each 36″ square. Perhaps one day we will publish it in a book or so 😉


  5. Lee Ann L. says:

    Wow! That is going to be one awesome quilt when it’s done. I’m not brave enough to do one like this, especially with the curves!


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