From our home to yours…

I love this time of year.

I love sitting on the sofa, watching the lights twinkle, listening to Christmas carols as we reminisce about all the different ornaments and Christmases past.

Somewhere, around 25 years ago, I chose an ornament theme for each of the children. Someday when they had a place of their own, I wanted them to be able to take some of their memories with them. So every year they looked forward to their new ornament and hanging it on the tree.  Then every year when they helped unwrap and hang the ornaments you got all the I remember the year when….

As the kids were growing up we had Snowman, Santa and Sparkly/Ballerina/Pretty~girl ornament themes. Add in all the hand-made ornaments from school, Sunday School, Girl Scout/Boy Scouts then add in gift ornaments from family and friends and our tree was pretty full.  Never full enough for me, but hey….. I’m the one who has to find the spot to hang just one more.

As the kids got older and moving out was on their minds they decided the parents would end up with an empty tree, when they moved out and took their memories with them. So that is what they’ve done for the last several years, started giving ornaments to the parents. Isn’t it funny how roles reverse as we all age?? Pretty sparkly for myself and reindeer/animal theme for their P. Two have since moved out and taken *most* of their ornaments, but we kept the most special ones.

K in her first day of Kindergarten dress. Pretty sure her Mam Maw Handley crocheted this picture frame ornament.

And P from I believe 1st grade. That was a life time ago. A lone sequin survives. A Girl Scout walnut shell reindeer and tissue paper decoupaged ball can also be spotted.

One of our newest ornaments…. I remember Grandma Ellis always had mercury ball ornaments and birds on her trees. We are big Cardinal fans so this is very fitting! Thanks, K!

Memories from every Christmas past.

This  is the oldest ornament and most fought over to hang. He came to live with us for P’s first Christmas, 1978. We used to read it every Christmas Eve. It’s a tad bit fragile now but ever much as loved.

A 1995 cotton ball snowman made by the youngest in Kindergarten. The snowman on the bench also came from the dollar store shopping spree in 1978.  Not sure what the purple and turquoise box is? But it must be good!

I have also never seen this white glittery ornament. It must be mine. I’m the only one left who collects shiny sparkly ornaments.

When P and I married his mom sent him with three very precious ornaments. One being this toilet paper tube, wrapping paper, Wise Man/Indian??? It dates to about 1963. Ornaments from friends fill our hearts with laughter. Every time we unwrap them.

Daughter A’s reindeer made from the outline of her hands and a foot just before her third birthday.  We should have known then she would have hands as big as her fathers’.

And look another purple and turquoise box right beside my initial. I think it’s a sign. A sign of good things to come ; )

Our tree is such a mishmash of memories and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would be remiss to not mention our Christmas banner/wall hanging. It is so very special to us. P’s mother made it in 1970. She was an inspired crafter and a beautiful quilter. She continues to inspire me. Creative and forward thinking beyond measure. 3 Wise Women of different nationalities? In 1970? Love Love Love it!

From our home to yours ~ Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Santa Season and Merry Giftmas all wrapped up in one!


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