Merry Giftmas!!

You always know it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when. This is that year. When every thing having to do with Christmas will be different. For starters we will celebrate most of them away from home. Once the kids move out and marry, there is always someone else wanting a piece of them. This year we decided to go to them instead of them always having to come to us.

First stop Daughter K and her husband D’s home.  If you are my FB friend you may have seen these already. But I do have friends that aren’t on Facebook and thought they deserved a peek inside, too. So bear with me. There are a lot of pictures to load!

K had beautiful themed wrappings going on, until we arrived. I should have attempted to photograph her gorgeous tree without our mish mash added to the piles!

But you must leave a path, amongst the presents, for Chico and Angus to get behind the tree and soak up some sun.

It’s a lazy pet themed kind of home. Amongst all the chaos, Norman has crashed on the sofa.

New pj’s are a common theme. Little did I know D already had the matching Lumberjack coat. Now when he heads out to feed the chickens he will be coordinated. His Grandma will appreciate that!

A new laptop for the favorite teacher in our lives. This was a total surprise! I don’t think she believed it!

What could be more appropriate than an Apple cozy made out of this beautiful Joel Dewberry fabric from his Modern Meadow line. It is Majestic Oak, in Sunglow, made especially for my favorite tree hugger!

The angel in our lives…. AKA The Photographer. She works both sides of the camera, beautifully!

A very proud moment. P and K with her hard earned Master’s degree diploma. We are so very proud of all she has going on. She does a lot and always does it extremely well!

D with some of his stash. You would think the guy likes to eat!

We always said her middle initial stood for shoes, but we could be mistaken. It might be scarves…

And I totally don’t understand why dogs swarm me. If you know me, you know I am so *not* a dog person. Much less a pet person….

Crunch-granola daughter gift to the tree-hugger sister. A bag crocheted from shopping bags. Never know when you’ll need another bag!

Yup, D was the recipient of a quilt this year. P gave a touching speech about not really being in the family until you’ve reached quilt status. Of course, D’s been around for 10 years, or so…. anyway…. it was funny.

I know he was surprised and I’m pretty such he liked it. And probably curled up with a school teacher type movie and popcorn after we left.

Us girls are always trying for that *perfect* picture. Of course, not discussing what we’re going to be wearing, until after the fact, always makes it interesting!

P cracks us all up. Hurry up, hurry up and take it. You can hear him, right???

Then we headed over to Clarkston Union for a most delicious dinner. Maybe you caught the place on Guy Fieri’s Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives, last week. Guy was there with Kid Rock tasting the Mac and Cheese. We didn’t see Kid Rock, but we did see the Mac and Cheese!

Thanks for having us over K and D! We had a great time. This may become the new *normal*!

Merry Giftmas to you!

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3 Responses to Merry Giftmas!!

  1. Daughter K says:

    Love love love this!! 🙂 What a nice Christmas! We would not be opposed to making this a new tradition. It was great to have you all here!


  2. chatzakity says:

    Beautiful pictures Lori! You are blessed with a wonderful family, and more importantly you are happy together.
    Thanks for sharing, loved it! 🙂
    Merry Christmas beautiful lady!


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