In one of my past lives..

I am sure I was a pioneer.  I may have even lived in a little house on the prairie.

Oh, how I had a special connection to that book, as a child.  They could do and make anything and were always having adventures!

I was a big time library user growing up.  Books were a big part of my life.  Reading could take me anywhere, anytime and I could revisit those times and places whenever I liked.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I read this book.

And little did I know I married another old fan.

An old fan, that came with his very own collection of Little House books.

Our children grew up reading these very same books.  They just didn’t have to go to the library to get the next one in the series.

Though I’d love to have a garden big enough to feed us year round, like they did on the prairie, I’m not sure I would want to put in all the work that it involves.  I know that they didn’t have a choice, if they were going to eat, but I have to say, I feel very fortunate to have farmer’s markets so close by, to cover the quantities we need.

This was the first year in forever that we put up corn.  I’m so glad I found the time.  And the sweetest farmer, at the market, shared with me how she does it.  She also helped me carry my corn to the truck.  Good people.

And can you ever can too many tomatoes???

I love knowing what goes into not only my jars, but what goes into the fruits and veggies that go into those jars.  This farmer has over 6000 tomato plants.  6000!  Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what that smells like to walk through row upon row of tomatoes, brushing up against them?  That aroma that only tomatoes put out??
I think I need to figure out something to barter with….
She buys NO fresh fruits or veggies during the off seasons.  Everything she needs is canned, frozen, in cold storage or they do without.  She also has three freezers full of chicken, pork and beef.  Amazingly self sufficient, she is.

So for me, this time of year, in particular, I’ll support the local, hard working farmer instead of the major grocery chains and enjoy the jiggling sound of Ball bracelets and the pings of a good seal.

And the best part of canning tomatoes is not having to call dibs on the leftover juice!! There is plenty to share.
Seeing all our hard work, lined up in pretty little rows, makes my heart sing.

I really do think I was a pioneer in a past life…..

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3 Responses to In one of my past lives..

  1. Pam Bratton says:

    Lori, what are you using to cut the corn? I can’t really tell from the pictures.


    • sewfrench says:

      It’s just a Bundt/Sponge cake type pan sitting in a much larger bowl and then I’m slicing the kernels with a large knife. I’ve tried several other methods and this works best for me!


  2. Ray says:

    One of Melissa’s favorite summer trips was to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Mansfield, MO. Susan and her Dad took her when we were camping. Good looking canned goods!


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