Friday Favorites

First up?  Shout Color Catcher.

Ever had a guy in your life be forced to wear pink socks or undies?  Ever think your whites aren’t as white as they should be?  Ever leave a ticket stub in the pocket of your white pants?  Well, okay, it might not help such a saturation of color….  Prevention is the key and it all starts with the emptying of the pockets.

This is something I don’t want to live without.

Grandma taught me to add a cup of table salt to the washer for the first washing, in cold water, of anything that might fade.  It would help set the color.  She also said if that didn’t work you could try adding glugs of white vinegar.  Yeah, they makes things really soft and fresh smelling, but it doesn’t really do much for setting the dye.

This is what we needed all along.  It doesn’t set the dye but it is a dye magnet.  There is more than one brand of this product. Both that I have used have worked beautifully.  This just happens to be the one I have on hand, at the moment.  The *Coupon Queen* daughter got this box for a steal of a deal. She keeps me stocked on many awesome items.

This stuff catches all the excess dye in your washer.  I’m not talking only new clothes.  NO, no, no, not just new blue jeans, with all the back to school clothes. I’m talking things that you never knew were losing dye.  See that purpley blue sheet towards the back.  That came out of a load that was almost all white clothes, definitely lights.  Nothing even medium colored in it.  There were a few new whites in the load that I didn’t want discolored, so I tossed one in.  And just *see* how much dye it caught??  It blows my mind.  I love these things.

The used one beneath it came out clean, apparently no issues in that load.

As a quilter, I prefer not to prewash because I think you get a better, antiqued, crinkly, cotton shrinkage look if you do your first wash after your project is complete.  To me, that’s what hand quilting is all about.  That soft, crinkly cotton that reminds you of holiday slumber parties, at Grandma’s, with all the cousins….  sleeping on cots, pallets and the pull out sofas, under a quilt Grandma made.  Ahhh….

In my 30+ years of quilting, I have only once been burned with my no prewash theory.  It was a red that faded to all adjoining blocks.  That quilt has a lot more hand work than any other and the owner hasn’t a clue!  All the leftovers of that one, single red were quickly tossed and burned, not to be confused and used again.

Now, I use these washer sheets on all freshly made quilts, before they are ever gifted and often include them with the quilts, especially if they have fabrics in them than I may worry about.  Reds are always a panic attack in the making…. Not many fabric are an issue any more, but still.  Redos are not cool…

And don’t ask me who’s quilt it was.  I’ll never tell…..

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