WIP Wednesday #7

Wow, I feel like I’ve been such a slacker.  But, I haven’t really.  I’ve been really busy!
So to make myself feel better and get some small projects off the cutting board and stopped the presses to get things done.

So first up, using what I have, not bringing anything else into my studio, this is what I did.

Years ago, when we were on vacation, we bought each of our girls a zipper purse.  You know the zipper makes the purse?  They were unique, everyone loved them, used them for a bit and not sure how much longer…

Anyway, when I spotted this little tetrahedron change purse I thought I can do that!  Thank goodness one of the girls’ purses was still here, languishing in the top of a closet.  I needed it.

You remember what a tetrahedron is, right??

A solid having four plane triangular faces; a triangular pyramid.  HS geometry all over again.  Now take a piece of ribbon and turn a spiral into a pyramid.  Not quite as easy as it seems.  But, I got it.  Conquered and on to the next  project.

When granddaughter was visiting over the summer, she made one of these cute little bags with fabrics she choose.

I decided to make one with the scraps that were littering my space from my most recent project.  The floor needed cleaned up, anyway…

Decorated it with some of my grandmothers buttons.  I’ve hoarded them, for years, time to start using them, I say…

I love how you can stitch two buttons, back to back, over the zipper pull and create a pull that just fits your fingers! Wish I had thought of that years ago!

And the last project of the week….  Another inventory reduction project.  I recently pinned this quilt on Pinterest, thinking I can do that!

Well, you know me, I’m not going to do it anything like the way *they* say….  So this is another one of those reasons, I didn’t get much accomplished.  The original was sized to 70″ square.  I wanted to make it as a baby quilt with only a single grouping, of squares, as opposed to four.  Then as I just about had it together, daughter came in and says, hey, you should interlink the squares.  Yeah, that’ll be cool!  So, several hours later, finishing off several of my Kona cotton colors, barely squeaking by with the Robert Kaufman Primrose Dots, leftover from this project.  I upped the width of the colored strips then, just did the math to figure out what size I needed to match up and keep the most inner squares, the white centers, at 17″.  All said and done, it seems to be going to finish out at about 45″ square.  Meaning……  I had to order up some more of the dots to add to the plain white back, I had planned….  Because we all know quilting fabric has only about 42″ usable fabric per width…. Besides, it will make it!  You’ll see.  Besides, I bought nothing else for this little cutie.  She deserves to have a special backside, too!  Don’t you think??

I tell you, participating in WIP Wednesdays has really kept me on my toes!  Being a hand quilter means things hang around quite a while and it appears that nothing is getting done, when really it is….  I know I need to be finishing something every week, this just pushes me to get it done.  No matter how small it is!

Plus, I really love to see what everyone else is working on!   Go check them out for yourself.  Good stuff!

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6 Responses to WIP Wednesday #7

  1. Laura M. says:

    I just made that sunkissed quilt block for a bee – it is a lot of little pieces! But it is so cute, isn’t it?? I love the idea of interlocking the square.


  2. sewfrench says:

    This block does have a lot of pieces. Especially when you are doing the math to figure out just how big, or small, each piece should be!
    Love yours from the bee, you did! What size does it turn out to be when you don’t alter the pattern?


  3. Melinda says:

    Oh, I like it! That’s going to be so pretty! Can’t wait to see it all together!


  4. Kirsten says:

    This is such a great quilt pattern and I love the pouches too.


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