Pay it Forward #2

I ♥ surprising people.  I do, I really do!

Sometimes I drag things out without thinking of what the end result will mean, to the person on the other end.

Eldest daughter Krystal signed up to be a recipient of my *Pay it Forward* project. She arrived home, today, to find a package at her front door.  How fun is that? A cosmetic bag to match a Christmas gift….

And the interior….  Pouches and a zippered pocket.  Dang, I added a really cute green and brown polka dot pull tab after the picture….

When I was quizzing Krystal for Christmas gifts, she’s not very good at giving ideas, by the way……  She asked for an overnight bag and such, things I had made others, in the family, but not for her, yet.  I jumped on it, even though I was quickly running out of time, like days…  mere days, I tell you….  She asked for blues and browns, but who knew that was *so* yesterday?  Not me.  So in a telephone conference, with the sister, pictures sent, live from the fabric store, we decided what with Krystal’s fascination with birds and bird calls, that *this* was the fabric to go with.  It was cool, it was hip, so very retro and she loves red.  And birds.  How could I go wrong with that?

When I got to the cutting table and realized it was called Pretty Bird, it took my breath away, I just about passed out and knew all was right with the world.

Pretty Bird was the name of pretty much every bird PaPa ever had, LOL! No wonder Krystal was so fascinated with birds.  PaPa lived next door, when she was a youngster, and raised cockateils, a Pretty Bird even came to live at our house… except we called him Tweety Bird.

So Pretty Bird it was.  She had received an oversized, overnight bag and a really cool tote bag, for Christmas (which I took pictures of neither) but then I ran out of time to make the coordinating cosmetic bag, I had planned……

Big brother Paul with our Tweety Bird in July 1984.

Cousin Christina in October 1984, with Tweety Bird.  This was actually at Krystal’s 4th birthday party.  Christina is still a freaky, crazy animal lover.  And cute, how much cuter can a 4 year old be?!  Seriously?

So when Krystal signed on to the Pay it Forward?  She got a *really* special surprise.  Wipe the tears, Pretty Bird lives.

Now Krystal…  It’s *your* turn to Pay it Forward.  Take your time you have another 11 1/2 months before the deadline!

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2 Responses to Pay it Forward #2


    Very nice bag Lori. And a nice story.


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