Quilts #2, 3 and 4

Okay, I don’t have a picture of #4, never did.  Just imagine it being a smaller version of #2 or #3.  I can’t remember that either….

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam.

Krystal was being moved out of her crib and so bought them bunk beds, March 30, 1982. Not exactly sure why we thought putting a 3 1/2 year old in a top bunk was a good idea. What were we thinking???  But it worked out just fine. Falling out of a top bunk, at that age, before we knew better, was way less damaging than it is now.  Plus, they had way more floor space to trash.

Of course, once again, Grandma provided most of the fabrics and all of the instruction.  I want to say that Mam Maw provided the pattern.  I really can’t be sure of that because I don’t remember her quilting.  She sewed, she crocheted, but quilting?  Not sure.  Even if she didn’t, that’s not to say she didn’t have a quilt pattern lying around…..

Anyway… the fabrics were strictly scraps from Grandma’s dresses, projects she worked on, my leftovers, probably even some of Paul and Krystal and Heather and Christina’s outfits.  It’s been a while since I have seen these quilts.  If I saw them, I bet I could identify some of the fabrics.  These quilts have since been passed on to their rightful owners.  Right?

And as I zoom in, on this picture, I see at least one fabric that I can call Grandma’s.  It has been passed on, into many, many of my quilts.   It is the blue w/blue flowers, at the bottom of the picture : )  I wish I had added it to all my quilts….  I had a lot of it at one time.  Still have some….

The Koala bear pillow and the missing Strawberry Shortcake pillow were made and gifted from Grandma Ellis for Christmas’, #2 and #4, I believe.  That makes the kids just past the ages of 1 and 3. The pillow on the lower bunk was part of a crib set, that was a baby gift from…… someone.  Cousin Heather Moon, yes, it was.  Yup, I just ran down and looked that up and that is right and true.

These quilts were my very first venture into machine quilting.  I had bought my very own sewing machine when I was pregnant with Paul.  It was a White, guessing early 70’s or late 60’s model.  It was portable and had a burlap looking, covered wood lid that clamped down over it, so you could carry it to Grandma and she could teach me all about it.  It cost me $50 which was a *huge* amount, at that time, but within the week we had curtains for the living room windows : )  I bet Bonnie (?) was glad about that!

Thank you Mrs. Davis for something.  You may have been a fabulous math/algebra/geometry teacher,  but I more appreciated you for selling me your hand offs.  It was a great machine, it was a workhorse.  I started sewing for $$ on that machine. Most of my early customers had something produced off that first machine. It easily paid for itself and my next machine, a brand spanking new Kenmore, in the work it did.  I do wonder what ever happened to it.  I also wonder what happened to all that knowledge Mrs. Davis tried to cram into my head………

The wallpaper MawMaw picked out.  It was blindingly bright.  Yellow was supposed to make children smart.  It worked.  I had the smartest kids around.  PawPaw must have installed the wallpaper.  I know, I didn’t.  I was very, very pregnant when we moved into this house.  I did make the curtains.  Notice they match the back of the quilts.  Sheets are/were the least expensive fabric around.  Pretty sure we didn’t even have a Walmart back then….

And not only were my kids the smartest, they were the cutest, too.

You were thinking the same thing, right?

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12 Responses to Quilts #2, 3 and 4


    Such informative and sweet posts you have Mrs. French. Well, I don’t know about your quilts but, I can vouch for your two oldest kids. They were the cutest and probably the sweetest. I can still see those little dimpled face kids. Just precious they were and I am sure they still are. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Kim Jacques says:

    The quilts were awesome, do they still have them? That is the cleanest I EVER remember that room (not that my kids were any better!) That pillow from the crib set just rings bells did I make that?


    • sewfrench says:

      No, Kim, you bought it. It was a crib set you actually bought for Paul’s baby shower. Sheets, pillow, blanket……. Apparently I, then, believed that all babies should use pillows to got their neck out of whack at an early age….. because obviously, it was still being used. Had *you* made* it, it would have probably been appropriately flat, and still in use…. Just sayin’……..
      And yes, the room was unusually clean. Hubburd and Hoke was delivering the furniture on this day….. We had had a crane in earlier and your devils had not been there, yet.
      The kids were given those quilts when they got their own places. I’d like to believe they snuggle with them everyday, knowing how much money, energy, and love their mother put into them……. but I’m not entirely sure….


  3. Mike Jacques says:



  4. You’re blogging?! YAY! I just found your blog after visiting the T-Tapp forums.

    So…I have a Bonnet Sue quilt too 🙂 My great-grandmother made it to commemorate my birth. It’s tucked away at my parents’ house for safe-keeping until I get settled.

    And I noticed one of your recent blog posts says that you’re running now. Give me details! I keep thinking about trying it, but I’m kind of a wimp.


    • sewfrench says:

      Running, to T-Tapp, to look up a picture…. I’m back!
      Why is it when you see people in a different location they are s much harder to place??? LOL!
      Yes, I just started blogging at the first of the year. It takes a whole lot more time and energy than I ever thought! I no longer seem to have the time to blog surf….
      As for quilting…… I have made all the nieces and nephews, brothers, sisters and grandkids a quilt. Some have been known to love them so much that they even get a second one when they graduate high school because the first is no longer in one piece…. Every child should have a snuggly, stitched full of love, quilt, *just* for them. That’s my goal!
      As for running? I just decided to do it instead of admiring others. I had some knee issues early on, but I think it was because I was doing too much too soon, but it just felt so darn good, I couldn’t stop myself! My chiro took care of it and I’ve not had any other issues since. I do believe T-Tapp is more effective at shaping, but I have now finally had the scale budge downward, something that hadn’t happened in years… Half the year is treadmill running, half is outdoors, weather here doesn’t allow me to be out much more than that…… Okay, maybe 8 months/4 months…… I *hear* the Couch to 5k program is an incredibly effective place, to start, though I was in too big of a hurry to try it, but you might look into it if you are thinking about taking it up…
      Stop by any time, LV, now that i *know* who you are, LOL!


  5. Tara says:

    You know the wallpaper may look dated but the quilts! Never!
    You could easily use them now and they’d be in fashion. Why’s that? Why do they age so well and always look like a masterpiece??
    I’ll say it again Lori, you are a very talented lady!! 🙂


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