Sushi, sushi, sushi, that’s all I hear…

When will Peter burn out?  You know it’s coming….  He wants to eat Sushi twice a day, every day.  He’s decided he is on a new diet.  A Sushi diet.  It’s great because sushi rarely has dairy, unlike Italian or Mexican.  And since we try to avoid dairy…… it makes ordering a whole lot easier.  Just too bad we only know of two local Sushi restaurants….. It is really pretty low calorie and it really sticks with you…..  More importantly, I love it, too.

Chef's special. Peter can't even wait for a photo before he is digging in.....

Spicy tuna and a shrimp tempura rolls.  This was after the cup of some of the very best hot and sour soup and an egg roll, each.  One reason, I adore Ichiban, we can get such incredible variety!  LOVE that they now have a dedicated sushi chef and bar.

Hopefully we’ll be hungry for dinner, tonight.  We’ve got a special date night, can’t wait!! More about that tomorrow…..  Now I must get my hair done.

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1 Response to Sushi, sushi, sushi, that’s all I hear…

  1. Elizabeth says:


    That looks delicious!

    We have a great family sushi restaurant here in our little town. They are very proud of their otoro. I can not get enough!


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