Ideas on an ideal diet.

People ask me all the time, what *should* I eat???  These are just some guidelines I like to start with.  5 veggies a day is great 7 is a major goal.   Fruits I consider God’s candy.  One, two max, per day, will help to get you where you need to be without causing a blood sugar crash.
di·et 1 n.
1. The usual food and drink of a person or animal.  The way we eat, the norm.
1. Grapefruit ~ at least 3 sections, per day (not juice – you need the fresh fruit) and no sweeteners.  Fabulous for the skin, I bought grapefruit again this week…..  I’ve been slacking…  The peels in the bath are fabulous for cellulite, weird but true….

2. Romaine lettuce ~ at least 3 leaves a day. I love those triple washed romaine hearts that come 3 to a bag. I don’t even make salad with them, they make great snacks or holders for sandwich fixings.  Egg salad is awesome on one (or two)!

3. Cherry or grape tomatoes  3-5 daily. These small tomatoes are so convenient, great to poop as a snack at any time of day. Otherwise I aim for ½ a regular tomato per day.

4. Broccoli ~ 2 cups every day. This is a super veggie, a must for everyone.  Just keep trying, LOL!  I’m much better mixing this count up with spinach, kale, brussell sprouts and/or cabbage.

5. Carrots ~ 2 daily  preferably the kind with green tops, still attached, so you know that they are fresh and full of nutrients.  I feel good if I get one of those bunches in per week, but I keep trying.

6. Almonds  7-10 raw (not roasted) daily ~ love to keep a handful in my pocket to snack on throughout the day.  And I realize I photographed raw almonds.  They are awesome, two.  I can not believe, me, the promoter of almonds, found myself lacking in raw almonds…  Other raw nuts available, just not almonds, today….

7. Red bell peppers ~ 3 “strips” a day. Usually one will last for 3 days ~super high in vitamin C.

8. Parsley ~ one fresh small bunch per week ~ very cleansing.  Awesome in smoothies.

9. Cucumber ~ one per week, divided throughout the week.  Another green smoothie favorite.

10. Sweet potato ~ one per week ~ love them as oven fries, besides being baked.

11. Eggs ~ 2 per week, not much of an egg person, but I do love egg salad.  Can I have that on a croissant???  Of course, you can!

12. Brown rice and/or wild rice ~ 2 cups per week.  A rice cooker makes this SO much easier!  Leftovers we toss in the freezer and they are handy for the next meal!

13. Kiwi ~ as often as posible. Very high in nutritional value, which few people appreciate. Weight for weight they are substantially richer in vitamin C than oranges and contain more fiber than apple. They’re very rich in potassium, too.

14. Blueberries ~ or any of the dark berries, rich in phytonutrients – antioxidants such anthrocyanin – as well as anti-inflammatories.  If you don’t drink red wine, this is a fabulous addition to your diet.  If you do, they are still tasty and healthy.  We buy them locally and freeze them for year round goodness!
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  1. These are good guidelines to follow!


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