Amanda’s last Saturday home…….

She and Peter did some banking, then she and I did some produce/grocery shopping.  She is all set for healthy eating for her first week back.  This is good, because she is going to be busy, just unloading her car…..

We enjoyed a lazy afternoon watching Gasland, very enlightening, very scary, very, very…  And a bit of quilting……  An intentionally out of full view shot of a Kona cotton solids project, I’m working on.  Love Kona Cotton!  And I love Sue!  Her selection, prices and most importantly, customer service, is tops.  For real.

And another fabulous dinner, if I do say so myself!  Who knew you could get such fresh okra in January?  OMG, I believe it was fresher than most we get *in season*!  I might go get more tomorrow!

Current quilting project. I know you can't see it, that's the point...

Fried okra. Is there *anything* better in the world??? I didn't think so.

Long grain wild rice, sauteed orange roughy and fried okra, this was after another asian dressed salad. SO good!

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