Life’s a Trip

This quilt has been a long time in the making. As scraps piled up I cut into them.

Life’s a Trip quilt by Sewfrench

December 2013

I worked on it when I was between other projects. I paused for a while because I wasn’t sure what my finished size would be. Then as the quilt got bigger I dug deep into bins of fabric that has not seen the light of day in years.

Life’s a Trip quilt by Sewfrench

May 2015

May of 2015 was when I decided it would be my gift to my youngest sister Tina, when her name next came up on our rotating Christmas calendar,  2018.


Because I would be shipping this quilt, and not be there when she opened it, I marked specific fabrics with safety pins denoting those that came from our Grandma Ellis’ collection. Because Tina spent more time with Grandma than the rest of us grands, I knew she would appreciate that I included several of the fabrics she might recognize. And she did!

Hard to get a feel for the size of this one but it is king sized!

Life’s a Trip quilt by Sewfrench

And yes, I have hung curtain rods on the back of my husband’s studio where the sun is always good. This is the largest quilt I have photographed here. I had to add a longer rod as high as possible to capture this beauty. There are brackets for lap and baby quilts hidden behind this quilt. I can hang the smaller quilts without using a ladder but with this one even my 6’5″ husband had to use a ladder to help get it hung.

Life's a Trip quilt by Sewfrench

“Life’s a Trip”

also known as Trip Around The World

by Sewfrench

For my little sister Tina,

because she has taught us that life is a trip,

make the most of it!

Machine pieced, machine quilted

King size

105″ x 105″

2916 squares

many from Grandma Ellis’ collection

December 2018

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13 Responses to Life’s a Trip

  1. Penny Nelson says:

    Lori! Wow, this is impressive. You make the most beautiful quilts.

    Penny Nelson

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Patti A. says:

    I wish I had the talent to attempt it. Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aquilterstable says:

    This is really really lovely. Really cool that it has those meaningful bits of fabric in it!


  4. claire93 says:

    I bet you made Tina cry (with all the memories) when she received this!


  5. Kat P. says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the memories that you have sewn into it. What a special quilt for your sister to cherish!


  6. Oh that is just fantastic! She will spend hours looking over the fabrics and having great memories!


  7. Dawn Tornes says:

    Stunning quilt! An your idea of using curtain rods on your husband’s studio is fantastic! I may just have to steal your idea for the side of your garage! 😉


  8. Scraps cleared out and a memory quilt, just wonderful! What a great idea for a permanent “quilt photo studio”!


  9. It’s beautiful in every way!


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