Ruffle Baby Bloomer Bottoms

Say that quickly, three times 🙂

Sewing for a little one is so much more difficult when they aren’t on hand for fittings.

Ruffle butt

I have a completely new appreciation for the big boxes of clothes that used to arrive on our doorstep, from hundreds of miles away. Hand stitched clothing, for 5 kids from Grandma Ellis. She was a pretty special lady.

This little linen dress, I plan on embroidering.

Linen baby dress

The linen was left over from a quilt that lives at their house.

Modern quilt

Using fabrics I have on hand, until I get the size perfected, I am testing out sizes to see how weights, and measurements, add up to clothing sizes for this sweet grand baby.

Amelia Jean

Hopefully we will get to try them on, in person, soon!

Show and Tell Tuesday
Fabric Tuesday


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4 Responses to Ruffle Baby Bloomer Bottoms

  1. Penny Nelson says:

    Oh Lori – What a darling baby! Hope to see you up north too. Be well.


  2. Kathy says:

    It was much easier to sew for my daughter … I had instant access for trying on/alterations, etc. not always so easy todo with our grands, even though they’re not that far away. Hope you get to see that adorable little one soon.


  3. laflor5233 says:

    Aw, sew lovely!


  4. Beth says:

    Love the linen dress! So adorable.


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