Honeycomb Quilt

I’m not a lot further along than I was this time last week with my Honeycomb Quilt, straight from Malka Dubrawsky’s book Fresh Quilting. I have edited my fabrics down to more lights, solids and neutrals. I think I’ve calmed it down quite a bit. And enlarged it.

A lot.

Malka Dubrowski

I’m looking at queen size+ as opposed to the full/queen Malka made. Pretty sure there will be more fabric shopping in my future. I think I need more blender, midrange colors… Something that unfortunately has to be done in person. First I want to get this large chunk all sewn together making it easier to take with.

As for sewing them together, I am not doing it by hand as with a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt and I’m not doing Y seams as in a Tumbling Blocks, but instead I sew the top and bottom seams all the way across, then attach the row next to it in a zig zag fashion, going the entire length. It is something I came up with years ago and it’s hard to describe, but gives perfect corners, without holes, like with a traditional Y seam.

How to sew a Y seam

Looking around the web, the closest I can see is how Kay Wood’s does it, check it out and make it work for you.

Then check out what everyone else is working on this week.

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9 Responses to Honeycomb Quilt

  1. Kati says:

    Love all those hexagons! I’m curious when you sew your top and bottom seams, do you sew all the way to the edge or leave a 1/4 open? I’ve sewn my hexagons in a similar way, but have left the 1/4″ open and am realizing it probably wasn’t necessary. Thanks for the video link and thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!


    • sewfrench says:

      I sew all the way across. I no longer end up with that little pinhole or pucker from stitching one stitch too short or one stitch too long. Plus I don’t have to mark it. I use the seam, on the adjacent block, as the corner. Hope that helps!


  2. Karyn says:

    It looks good so far.


  3. Rebecca Bark says:

    Your honeycomb quilt looks great! I’m planning on making one myself….I know who to seek out if I have questions 🙂


  4. Julie says:

    I love the hexes! It’s funny that you use that method because that’s how I did my first hexagon quilt. I had no idea there was any other way to do it until I heard people complaining about the y seams. I had no idea what they were talking about until I did some flowers later on.


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