Another Wednesday has come and gone and now another Thursday….

If you’ve been playing along, the mystery quilt is 36/36 heavily, hand quilted, up from 32/36 blocks quilted last week.  Binding is attached and mostly hand stitched down.  It needs the final look over, thread clipping, cleanup, then the laundering for the clinkle effect and the embroidery added before another one bites the dust.  I do believe if I had a place for this one a white lie might have been told and a substitute might have my signature all over it….. Thankfully I am full up and wasn’t forced to lie…. It truly is my favorite, so far.  I can’t wait to share it! Can you feel how giddy I am? It’s actually spread out on the floor right now so I can drool over it before it hits the wash.

The days are slipping by and the finishes have been slow coming. The Bubble Quilt top got finished and put away along side the Jane Austen Quilt, only because I haven’t decided it’s finished size.  6 nice projects in the works. MANY small projects either on the cutting board or in my head, and only one completed project totally missing.  Anyone seen it?

It could be worse….

The mantle is decorated. The tree is up, lit and strung with pearls. Boxes of ornaments are strewn about. Most presents are ready and awaiting their wrappings.

I just needed a distraction from all this elfin’ work…. I just don’t understand how Santa gets it all done…. But, of course, he works year round…. Maybe I should, too….

I just received my first, of the season, self purchased, Christmas gifts. It’s the first, I swear, only one tiny package. But what a treat! This was a huge splurge for me. I  just couldn’t contain myself any longer.  I’ve watched these fabrics, since before they went into production, drooling, wanting something totally new and I went all out. As soon as these Christmas projects are finished…. the fun begins!

I can’t wait to cut into me some Echo by Lotta Jansdotter from over at Hawthorn Threads. I adore that website! I love how you can pick a fabric, see what coordinates with it and also see what creative things people have made with said fabric.  Way cool. And I don’t get kickbacks.  Wish I did…. But I don’t…

I totally have no idea what I am going to do with all this goodness, but I’m sure something will come to me. If you have a brilliant idea, let’s hear it!

~~~Pitter patter, goes my heart~~~

Excuse me, but for now I think I’ll just go fondle my fabric….

Have a wonderful evening!

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