There’s a fungus among us…

Fungi are so incredibly cool.

So many colors.

So many shapes.

So much texture.

Always another surprise just around the corner.

Can you believe the variety on just a small portion of our property?

And it’s always a family affair.

But the big question….  Just *when* will the favored variety pop?

The ever elusive morel mushroom.

TODAY!!!  That’s when!

Today they popped somewhere between 7am and 11am, they did their thing, in their own time! We’ve been searching three times per day, for the past week, with no luck…

Perseverance has finally paid off!!

We have had the +40° at night, +60° during the day.  Now add in extra sunshine and warmth after the 2 inches of rain yesterday and…  Bingo!!

And yes, we found them. They are here. They are just now starting to pop.  Can’t wait to bring them in by the pound.

Now… what shall we do with them???

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