Bring it on, summer!

Having the Pollo- pescatarian daughter home, from college, has stirred up some delicious new favorites!

With graduation in the rear view, we’ve been really busy getting her moved back home. Lots of packing, unpacking, running, doing stairs, organizing and donating.  Cleaning out and starting over.  Once college was finished, it seems it was much easier, for her, to get rid of *lots*.  After all that, I am just happy that our friendly trash man is still friendly!

We have really been enjoying cooking and eating lots of nourishing foods.  Bringing back the old and trying new recipes.

Orange, Ginger, Butternut Squash Soup topped with orange zest and spicy pepitos is a definite repeatable dish.

Curried Swiss Chard in a Coconut *milk* was divine!

Both recipes are variations from this fabulous cookbook, Color Me Vegan, making eating all varietiations, of color, so much easier.

We’ve spent the evenings watching a fabulous miniseries.  Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, have you seen it?  The book is 1000+ pages and worth every minute.  The mini series is wonderfully done, too.  A must see.  Really enjoyed how it brings life, in the 1100’s, alive.  Things really haven’t changed all that much…

After slaving for a week we topped it off with a late graduation/early Mother’s Day Spa Day.

Started with brunch at Sundance Grill, 28th Street.  Twice in one week, you know it must be good!  And as always, it was great!  We are trying to work our way through the menu, but *some* people keep getting hung up on the same asparagus/mushroom/hollandaise omelet dish, others like to try new things, LOL!

Pomegranate Mimosa and a spicy BLT Bloody Mary for starters! It's really nice that the restaurant and spa share the same parking lot!

Design1 has the best cucumber water around!

And the finished products.

Good times, Good times….

*Now* we are ready for summer!

Bring it on!

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