A new totin’ bag!

That’s what we, (I say loosely), call it in the South………

Always somethin’ to tote.

I recently noticed that, almost, everyone, except me, has one of my bags.  Or so it seems……

So tada!  I spotted this Michelle D’Amore for Benartex fabric line at one of my favorite local shops.  The line is called Hab-i-tat (a philosophy…a refuge), I love the name, it spoke to me.  Am I weird, do color names and fabric lines, speak to you?  Or is that just me?  And I am in *love* with the fabric!!   I thought how fun, yeah right, it would be to practice my machine quilting around all the big flowers.  It worked.  Sort of…..  Not nearly as neat as this T4, A type personality, would have liked, but I’m okay with it.  It’s artistic…  And besides I needed it!  The practice and the bag.  Seriously.

Dang, my hands look old... I need a manicure and hand treatment!

This will be my car bag.  It has an interior zippered pocket and lots of pouches.  I’m always the navigator, or nagivator, depends on who’s doing the name calling…. the planner, the read aloud passenger, and snack provider….  My feet are drowning in maps, books, CDs, newspapers, water bottles and snacks…..  Now, it will be contained in something I’m not embarrassed to be seen, in public, with.  Not that I’m embarrassed by Walmart shopping bags…..  But, you know…….

Now I need a road trip…..

Thanks, Amanda, for the photography!!

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3 Responses to A new totin’ bag!

  1. Love how your ring matches too 🙂


  2. Tara says:

    Lori, the lady who can 🙂


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