Great Grandma Bryant’s Macaroni and Tomatoes

Way back when…..  sometime after Grandpa Bryant died in 1971 and before Grandma Bryant died in 1974, myself and cousin Vicki used to spend random weekends with great Grandma Bryant.  I suppose we were sent there to keep her company and Vicki and I didn’t get to see each other too often, so it was always good times.  Mostly….. anyway.

One of my favorite memories, from this point, in my life was Grandma teaching us to make Macaroni and Tomatoes.  Probably not an actual lesson, but we were probably starved and on her heels….. as usual.  And boy could she cook.  Grandma Ellis learned from the best.

Cook up 8 oz. macaroni, according to the package directions, al dente.

Slice one yellow onion, in half, then into slivers.  Saute up in 2-3 TBS of butter, or meat grease.  Grandma used meat grease, from the can kept on the back of the stove.  When the onion is cooked up add in 2 chopped garlic cloves and let cook up a bit more.  Then add in a quart of home canned tomatoes, with about 1/2 of the juices.  Reserve the rest, in case you need more liquid, later on.  Break up the tomatoes, then add in the cooked macaroni and let simmer for a few minutes, let the flavors mingle and the macaroni cook a bit more.  If you need you can add in more liquid, here.  Butter or meat grease is very important to the depth of flavor, in this recipe, seriously.  Olive oil could work, but Grandma probably didn’t know about that….  Pepper generously and eat until your heart’s content.  Soak up every bit of the sunshine grown right into the tomatoes, like they were meant to be….  And if you have had a really successful canning season, don’t be afraid to use *2* quarts of tomatoes!!!

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4 Responses to Great Grandma Bryant’s Macaroni and Tomatoes

  1. can you email me this photo?! It is better than mine I think :/ Your noodles look more legit than mine.


  2. Naomi says:

    I don’t know where I learned to make this dish, but it’s a favorite of mine too. Just great comfort food! I never added onions or garlic though. I’ll have to do that next time, it sounds wonderful. What we did was just cook the macaroni in the tomatoes with all the juice, adding lots of butter and lots of black pepper, probably with some added water. Sometimes we added some shredded cheese at the end, but not necessary. It’s so good all on its own.


  3. Lisa says:



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