Miss you Mom….

Christmas Day 1981. Seems like yesterday..... Mom, Lisa, Kim, Todd, Tina, Ray, and myself.

Time passes, in the blink of an eye.  Hard to believe it’s been 6 years since Mom has left us all..

It’s fun hearing everyone’s different memories……..

I remember this picture as being the year of Strawberry Shortcake and the first battery operated motorcycle, for my kids………

And yes, Gloria Vanderbilt cords were hot, really hot, that year.   You are jealous aren’t you….  you should be……..

Yes, Chips was very hip that year, too.  And to have a real helmet, that was the ultimate cool.  And to have fruit wallpaper and gold flooring, we were really with it.  Really we were.  You remember, right?

Yes, that really is a handmade Strawberry Shortcake blouse Krystal is modeling, for real.  You are jealous, aren’t you, I know you are,  it’s okay, I am, too.  Grandma Ellis did good things, always.  And just look at that really cool table you got for Christmas.  It will show up in photos, for years to come!

You two kids were too hip!  Love the sweatshirt, curls and sunglasses, LOL!  Papa’s truck was never too shabby either…


Good times, good times….  Memories are everything.

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11 Responses to Miss you Mom….

  1. Rooster says:

    🙂 I’m much less goofy looking now…can’t say much for my brother though.


  2. sewfrench says:

    You were never goofing looking, ever. And your brother is not here to defend himself, so I won’t speak of him, negatively, anyway. He was a good driver, way back when, obviously, or I would never have let you out with him, first try….
    Cool makes up for a lot of deficiencies, though, you know??


  3. Kibber says:

    Wow I don’t remember Mom being that skinny. Why did I always try to grow my bangs out?


  4. Rooster says:

    Nana is beautiful here. I can really see Aunt Lisa in her laugh in the first picture.



    Now that’s the way I remember the Taylor’s! 1981! What a great year.


  6. Tara says:

    Great memories!
    Hmmm, don’t know how much your kids will appreciate those photos on the Internet though?! LOL!!
    I can hear it now…’Moooooooom!!!’ 🙂


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