Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts

I feel like I’ve gotten in over my head with ideas, projects started and now Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye. I did start shopping this week. And unfortunately, that leads to wrapping… Sometimes when you end up with odd sized, or bulky items, paper wrapping just doesn’t cut it.

When Deb at A Quilter’s Table posted a tutorial for these adorable Trim-Tied Gift Bags I decided I needed to stop everything and see if I could adjust it to fit some odd-shaped gifts I had been given to wrap. (Because apparently I can’t do anything just as written.) I have to say she did a great job. Her tutorial is beautifully written and easy to follow. She even developed a second size with instructions on using directional fabric that works well with piecing your fabric, too.

Digging into the depths of my stash I came up with some Christmas fabric from 30+ years ago and gave it a go.

Trim-Tied Gift Bag @ SewfrenchI altered everything about Deb’s beautiful bag. I butchered her perfect tutorial. I made it in reverse order, lining it after it was put together, even sewing on the ribbon ties after I completed the bag, didn’t want to waste the ribbon if the altered size wouldn’t work. That trick is accomplished by turning the bag inside out and working from inside the bag. It is just the same as when sewing knees patches on little boys’  pants.

As you can see, even with huge changes and an awkward shaped gift inside, it still worked!

And while I did line this soft, old, quilting fabric, it is still a little limper than I would like. I think I’ll head out later this week and see if I can find something a little sturdier like the 70% cotton/30% linen recommended. I plan on making the next version a bit taller, too.

If you decide to give this a try, be sure and add it to Deb’s A Quilter’s Table flicker page!

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4 Responses to Wrapping Odd Shaped Gifts

  1. mtetar says:

    Lovely and will last makibg a great keepsake. I did a similar one but with brown paper bag. Blessings Always, Mtetar

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  2. Debbie says:

    oh how fun! You made it your own, and that’s always a good thing – darling. Thanks for sharing and for the shout-out!

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  3. Wanda Dotson says:

    Thanks for this link. I’ve made 4 bags already, using the directions for bags with lining since I only had cotton fabrics. They are addictive.


  4. Peggy says:

    I wish I had seen this sooner. I teach young girls to sew – this will definitely be part of our class before Christmas next year. Many thanks!


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