Love at First Sight returns

Working on replacing pillows for our sofa at the cottage. This is going to be such a huge improvement I know you will be impressed when it is finished. I have disliked the pillows ever since we bought these sofas in 2002. Just didn’t know what I wanted to do, which direction to go… Not a lot of color, outside of nature, in our space and while I was contemplating colors, for years, obviously… I am finally learning that doing anything is better than nothing. I can be such a slow learner….

Modern neutral pillow by SewfrenchAnother rainy day and finally got around to testing out an idea, and of course I would love it, just when I ran out of the Kona Stone fabric. This is a variation of my White Labyrinth quilt, with blocks enlarged to fit our 24″ pillow fronts.

I loved that quilt from the first second I spotted the quilt before there was even a pattern. And why not recreate a version that I don’t give away?!! And a funny thing about that Zen Chic quilt? It would appear only myself and one other person have ever even made it. My neutral version and a red, Fiery Labyrinth one. Crazy when this is one of my very, very favorite quilts.

White Labyrinth by Zen Chic

More later. When my fabric order arrives. 🙂

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3 Responses to Love at First Sight returns

  1. Thanks for linking to my quilt! I love the pattern too. I’ll probably make another sometime, once I get better at piecing nice even seams. I’ve seen one other version on the quilt that I really like on Flickr. I love the browns in it.


  2. I love that … and of course, being a (relatively) new follower, I had to go check out your original White Labyrinth quilt … all I can say is WOW! I can’t wait to see your pillows come together.


  3. Kelsey says:

    The subtle colors look great! Those will be very lovely pillows for a neutral cottage 🙂


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