Next up… a fundraising quilt.

This is what I’ve been working on.

Squaring up blocks

I’m squaring up blocks, that after I made them, I decided I should soak and rinse to make sure nothing would bleed. I don’t normally prewash, but I’ve never used anything like Oakshott cotton and the pigment is so dense, I got nervous about fading after I made all the blocks. I hand rinsed each block, squeezed them out, tossed the in the dryer, with a dry towel for about 15 minutes then stretched them out square and pressed them the rest of the way dry.

I drew me up a grid, using pencil and a scrap of white fabric, and pinned it to my ironing board. I used this to roughly square up blocks as I pressed them dry.

Good news? Not one drop of dye could be found, from the deepest purple, brightest, yellow, rusts or even the reds. I could not be happier!

TTrimming blocks to the smallest blocks' size

Then I squared them up to the smallest sized one and arranged and arranged to match the color arrangement in my head. I find that taking pictures, then looking at them on the computer screen is more accurate than my eye, when arranging colors and patterns. So lots and lots of pictures and rearranging and maybe even some email and texting going on before I finalized it.

My final layout.

Grow*ing* Benzie charity quilt

I think.

At least until the are stitched together.

More details to come….

Show and Tell



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25 Responses to Next up… a fundraising quilt.

  1. That is a beautiful quilt, Lori! It is very effective. Well done!


  2. jeanwood says:

    These are great. What a wonderful quilt you are making.


  3. mtetar says:

    It’s going to be another uniquely made one. The layout is beautiful! Looks like trees in the park during the FALL. Be Blessed, Mtetar


  4. Penny says:

    Lori – It’s just BEAUTIFUL! Contemporary and stunning.


  5. Ooh how pretty! It kind of looks like a sunrise.


  6. wombatquilts says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


  7. It is just wonderful, again!!!


  8. Angela says:

    I love how you arranged the colors. Your eye really moves around the quilt. I know what you mean about using a digital camera to get a better block placement- that trick works for me too!


  9. citricsugar says:

    Lori, this is so freakin’ gorgeous…. Wow. I love it intensely.


  10. Teje says:

    These are really beautiful! I love the block and the fabrics look fantastic! How great they didn’t loose any colour. I pre-wash all the fabrics; I’m too worried what may happen later. This is going to be wonderful quilt! x Teje


  11. Samantha says:

    That is beautiful. I really love it!


  12. DianeLoves2Quilt says:

    Oh, those tress are just gorgeous and the color combinations are just awesome. Try using Sythrapol as your detergent and Shout Colors Catchers to catch released dye and prevent bleeding. It really works. The combination and Era detergent corrected red flannel bleeding into white flannel for me. See details at


  13. claudia w says:

    I really like that quilt. Do you have a pattern for it, or did you make the design yourself? I would love to make a quilt like that.


  14. Renee says:

    Oh I love it! The batik trees and solid background is fantastic!!


  15. I love the coulours!


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  17. Heather McCormack-Moon says:

    I love this one! Maybe my favorite ever.


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