The First Snow of the year….

is always the prettiest.

The First Snow of the Year

And when it comes on a Saturday morning with no plans, that is even better. The pavement is still warm enough that no shoveling will be required and it will probably all be gone by afternoon, even without the sun coming out.

It also coincides with my finishing the first lightweight book I’ve read lately. It seemed like a coincidence to wake up to snow when the book I finished, last night, was actually about the first snow of a year. Coincidence or no?
The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey.

The snow child book

I really enjoyed it. The author does a wonderful job of making you feel like you are right there in the story. You know what it feels like to dance in the snow, to warm up to the wood burning stove and to bundle under a pile of quilts to stay warm.

Actually, I’ve been on a roll with good books and it is about time. Giving up on free Kindle books has helped to increase the odds of a book being good. My financial trade-off is to use the library more often. Not bad, because I can reserve them online and get an email when they are available to pick up. Maybe you do this, too?

As for sewing finishes this week.

I’m not talking.

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10 Responses to The First Snow of the year….

  1. Heather Moon says:

    We were just eating popsicles on the screened porch in our shirt sleeves!


  2. mtetar says:

    Very pretty, and would make a nice Post Card. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mtetar


  3. quiltnmama says:

    Oh, to live where it snows..lucky you!


  4. mary numme says:

    hi! we live in alaska, and i know who the author is. she is lovely. her bio is fascinating. look it up online. you could always look up the frontiersman our local small newspaper, where she used to work. enjoy! and thanks for your blog, i always enjoy it! we have had below zero weather for weeks, heavy hurricane strength winds, but now it is 15 degrees and supposed to snow, that is, if the wind does not blow it away! 🙂 bye now… -mary in alaska 🙂


  5. Julie Fukuda says:

    Tokyo is cold and gusty today.Not likely to have snow yet … still autumn here. I do enjoy the books I can hold in my hand and turn the pages. That must be the librarian in me.


  6. Teje says:

    Looks beautiful! I miss sometimes snow and always library! When ever I’m in Finland, first place to go is library! x Teje


  7. amandagay says:

    My daughter and I love going to the library! Sadly, our little library hasn’t quite caught up to the internet age yet… kind of quaint, if not totally convenient 🙂


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