I am humbled.

Yesterday, while I was out and about, I received an email saying I had been nominated in the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. I started having heart palpitations but couldn’t get to a computer to see what it was for. If you haven’t read my post by now, it is here.

Then a second message from a stranger (thanks Carly!) saying they had voted for me in “a couple” of categories. I thought I would pee my pants.

THEN a third message (thanks Tilda!) saying I had been nominated in 4 of the 15 categories!! Seriously? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was finally able to get to a computer.

4 categories??? Seriously?

It means so much, to me, to be nominated. Really.

Total shock and awe to be considered worthy enough; to be in the same class as these talented women. I am humbled.

I seriously couldn’t have done it, not piecing the circles in, like wanted to, without daughter Amanda’s help. If it weren’t for her encouragement this quilt would still be lingering in the back of my mind.

Nor could I have done it without Farbstoff‘s idea. It wasn’t just me, but a collaboration of ideas and brainstorming. Thank you two for doing the hard work!

Thank you, Amy, for putting this festival of quilts together. I can not begin to imagine what all goes in to it. Then this year you add in nominations, categories and voting? You are the woman!!!

And thank you so much to everyone who nominated my quilt – you have made my year!

Now head on over here and look at some amazing quilts, read their stories and vote. The voting button is above each quilt. Just click to vote. No registration required. One vote in each of the 15 categories. One set of votes per IP address. For some of you that may mean cell phone and computer.

Then if you want to take it one step further, go here and scroll through all 621 quilts. You can vote for the viewers choice award winner there. Once again click “vote” about your pick.

IF you are looking for mine it’s #69.

And if I’ve ever made you a quilt? Or your child a quilt? Or your grandchild a quilt? Or your neighbor’s cousin’s dog a quilt? I’d super appreciate your support and your sharing this with your friends. With all the appreciation I’ve felt, over the years, for the hundreds of quilts, I’ve quilted, you’d think I would be a landslide! But the competition is stiff.

Go take a look.  Here. and Here. Now.  Voting ends soon.

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15 Responses to I am humbled.

  1. candy says:

    This is a very cool quilt! Good luck with it!!


  2. Congratulations . . . and well deserved! 🙂


  3. Brigitte says:

    Whoohoo, your bubbles quilt look great! Guess who voted for you!!
    I know it was hard to realize this idea and am so proud you did it! Good luck!

    I hope you’ll get a high ranking!


  4. Becky M says:

    I voted for you! i nominated you too, I love this quilt! 🙂


  5. Julie Fukuda says:

    Having watched this go together, we all know how deserving you are. I hope you come out on top.


  6. CitricSugar says:

    The quilt was just too cool to NOT get noticed…. Seriously.


  7. Your quilt is fabulous…I love it.


  8. cat stone says:

    I loved this quilt when I saw it on blogger’s quilt festival. Good luck – it got my vote


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