It’s important that your slave labor is stylishly dressed.

They are much happier that way.

Always complaining her feet are cold, someone wanted slippers to go with their new work uniform. And it wasn’t me. Yes, she works from home now, she is on her computer all day and doesn’t move around much, thus the cold feet. With the thermostat set at 69 ° it is warm enough for the rest of us.

She also wanted to practice her sewing skills while there is someone to bounce ideas off of. She chose to use the leftover flannel from our Christmas pajamas.

Yes, you have to start by matching the plaid. If you picked a plaid, you match the plaid. I’m mean like that.This is the pattern we used, McCall’s 6449. It runs small. Or maybe it was all the extra padding we used. We lined all outer pieces with an iron on fleece and for the soles we lined them with headliner fabric along with two layers of polyester quilt batting per sole in addition to the fleece. Then the faux fur fabric lined everything. Fur fabric sounded a lot more fun than it actually was. It sticks to everything…. Your socks, the walls, your cheeks, even up your nose. Really.One pair completed. Just look at the way that plaid lines up!  For the first pair she used the flannel itself for the bottoms.And with the cuffs folded down. This is when she discovered they weren’t quite big enough for a size 9 1/2 foot. But size 7 1/2? Yeah, baby!Back at it again. She looks pretty behind a sewing machine, don’t you think???She opted for the taller style second go around.  Now she can work in style and stay warm, too! This pair she used a really heavy, wide wale corduroy for the sole. Do you know that anti skid gripper fabric only comes in white? Not sure that’s a good idea and it would have definitely ruined the look of these. But I might consider how I could use this stuff next time!And it wasn’t *really* slave labor. She did get to keep one pair for herself….

Now that my feet are all warmed up……… what shall I have her make me next???

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