My ever changing view

So last week, Peter was reclaiming what Mother Nature was thinking was hers.

Our house to the left.  This is actually taken at an angle and is our neighbor’s overgrown *out back*.

And a wintry view from out deck.  (Hi, Tara!!)  Peter’s studio to the right.

And this week I find this on the kitchen counter overlooking the back lawn.

And this isn’t even the part that I’ve  photographed.  Apparently I missed the first plan.  This is close around the house, where they have yet to start digging….

Too much time my the studio, I suppose…..

Then, while we were recently gone on a road trip, this is what we came home to….  Our property extends to the back tree line.

All those wild growing bushy trees are gone.
Okay, there are three scragglers, in the center, that were still hanging on, but for the most part…  out of here!

And today, I wake up to…
Yes, I like to go to bed early and sleep late….

That’s one of 14 new trees being brought in.  A beautiful Maple tree.

3 huge white pines, 3 Maples, 3 Pears and 5 Spruce.  I can’t wait for the grass to be planted and for it to all take off.

The 3 Pear trees are out in front of Peter’s studio.

It is going to be a different view this winter, but I  guess we won’t look like The Joad’s after all….

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2 Responses to My ever changing view

  1. Tara says:

    Hi Lori!!

    WOW! It’s going to look great! The trees alone will be amazing.
    I’m looking forward to some fantastic winter photos this year! LOL!!


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