WIP Wednesday

Conquering Mt. Washmore…

2 loads down, 5 to go…

Soaking up some D3 and weeding the seawall….  Three quarters done on this side of the walk….

I tell you gardening and weeding is much more fun with new Gardening Gloves.  Got these in the mail yesterday. My nails are just getting over the last round of abuse and these make me *want* to put on my yard gloves!  They are just heavy enough without being too heavy, have a good grip and stretch, to fit, beautifully.  I *Love* them!!  And besides, there is no chance of new ones being contaminated with poison ivy……

Check out just a couple of our pots of herbs.  Though it’s been cool and damp, here, I think they are okay with that.  They taste good, anyway, LOL!

We’ve had company, this past week, and have been having too much fun visiting to get much of anything else done.  So I was excited to finally get the pillow shams I was working on, last week, zippered, corded and finished.  One more thing off the ever lovin’, ever growin’ pile….  Thinking I am in love with this pattern idea.  Just about ready to start whacking away on scraps for altogether something else…..

I’ve gotten another couple of sewing projects a little closer to the finish line and fabric for my newest, latest and greatest idea decided on and ordered up!  It may look like I’m not doing anything, but I am, albeit slowly….  I just can’t share, yet…..

Now it’s back to work…..

What about you, what are you working on today????

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. My bed looks so pretty 🙂


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